Bandicam Screen Recorder Review: Is It Right for You?

This Bandicam Review gives you a complete idea of what the software offers and how efficiently it can do the job. Do read the Bandicam review and choose whether it is right for you. And also check out its alternative EaseUS RecExperts to overcome Bandicam limitations.

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Jane Zhou

Updated on Aug 29, 2023

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Capturing your desktop activity has never been easier with a lot of screen recorder tools emerging on the internet. Not only do these tools pack excellent features, but they also roll out frequent updates to make the whole process and experience better. So now that you want to know the Bandicam Review, you might have already been familiar with the Bandicam software. 

🔔Quick Summary:

    Bandicam Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Pros: Provide various advanced features; Perform professionally in game recording. Learn more>

Cons: Only available for Windows

Overall: Bandicam is a good screen recorder for Windows users. It performs well in almost all screen recording activities, especially capturing gameplay!

Bandicam Screen Recorder Overview

The Bandicam screen recording software specializes in screen recording with excellent features. It is ideal for people who capture desktop activity for professional gameplay walkthroughs, educational videos, presentations, and academic tutorials. The software can capture multiple modes and sounds from a desktop and microphone; great export options and ease of use make this app stand tall among its contemporaries. The USP of this software is the ability to record in multiple modes and switch between modes. We will see more of its features and all the other things the tool can do in the Bandicam review below.


1️⃣Screen Recording:

Bandicam really excels in this department. You can record full screen or part of your screen with ease. Users can also choose a custom region or a single window too. The software even offers other modes like game and HDMI mode, where users can switch between them without stopping the current session. 

2️⃣Webcam overlay

Users can add a webcam overlay to the screen recordings with ease. This feature is beneficial for gameplay walkthroughs and educational videos. Using these features, you can record videos from any device, including USBs and camcorders.

3️⃣Device Recording

This is one of a kind feature you won't find in any screen recorder. Along with capturing your computer display, you can also record the screen of a connected external device. You can connect devices like  Xbox, IPTV, and webcams and record them too. It is quite useful for gamers and allows them to switch between other modes.

4️⃣Game Recording 

Dedicated mode for recording gameplay with HD resolution. Users can record almost all 2D/3D games ranging from Minecraft and the World of Warcraft to COD and PUBG. If you want o record streaming videos that run directly on DIRECTX, OpenGL, or Vulkan, you can do with Bandicam. With HD resolution, you can also set the frames per second (fps) and time frame for scheduling the recordings.

5️⃣Screenshot tool 

Bandicam also provides an inbuilt screenshotting tool to take snaps of important frames, achievements, and notes. You can do it anytime while recording and capturing frames as frequently as every second. In addition, this screenshot tool comes with some editing and highlighting features.

6️⃣Audio Recording 

You can record the system audio along with the microphone. In addition, Bandicam allows you to mix two sounds into an audio track.


Best Bandicam Alternatives in 2023

This article discusses some excellent alternatives to Bandicam. Continue reading to learn more information. Learn more

Bandicam: Pros & Cons

After learning its features, let's talk about its advantages and disadvantages:


  • The biggest pro is the multiple export options, including many common formats and direct sharing on social media and YouTube platforms.
  • All features are assembled on a minimalist interface, making it easy for both professional and novice users.
  • Multiple recording modes like screen recording, game recording, and HDMI recording modes are really useful, especially with switching between them.
  • You can capture the entire screen, a selected region, and multiple screens with system sound and microphone audio with ease.
  • You can record 4K ultra HD videos with flexible FPS settings of up to 144fps and edit the videos with multiple highlighting effects.
  • The export options are also great, with multiple common formats to download ad publish your videos.


  • The audio sync while recording mixed audio seems inconsistent.
  • The free version comes with a watermark and only allows the recording of videos for up to 10 mins.
  • Does not support MacOS or Linux.
  • The FPS largely depends on the PC specifications, meaning a low-spec PC will have low frame rates.
  • Bandicam does not support live streaming flexibility.

Bandicam: Pricing and Plans

Bandicam provides two types of plans: Personal License and Business License. In those plans also, you can choose from annual, Lifetime, and Bandicam + Bandicut plans. In addition, the Bandicut offers users some extra editing features to enhance the screen recordings.

Personal License  Business License
  • Annual (1-PC/ 1-Year)- $33.26
  • Lifetime (1-PC/Lifetime)- $44.96
  • Bandicam + Bandicut (1 Year- $49.97 & Lifetime- $59.78)
  • Annual (1-PC/ 1-Year)- $49.46
  • Lifetime (2-PC/ 1-Year)- $95.92
  • Bandicam + Bandicut (1-PC/1-Year)- $79.74

Bandicam Alternative: EaseUS RecExperts

Bandicam is quite reliable, but the thing with modes like gaming is it restricts other modes. And a major disadvantage is the overall video quality depends on the PC spec, which can be a huge drawback for gamers, especially many people reporting audio syncing problems. The best solution to overcome these limitations and generate high-quality videos with perfect audio sync is EaseUS RecExperts. 

EaseUS RecExperts has almost all the features of Bandicam and will definitely overcome its limitations. It is a software dedicated to screen recording purposes to produce high-quality videos and edit them. You can record displays of any kind, edit videos, highlight important parts, extract separate audio files from the video, and so on. Below is a comparison table:

Features EaseUS RecExperts Bandicam
Audio Sync
Editing and highlighting Good editing options Very few options
4K resolution and 144 FPS Possible with software It depends on the PC specs
Extracting audio files from video available Not available
Compatibility Windows and macOS only Windows


Bandicam, no doubt, is a solid choice for all screen recording purposes. However, just like how the device recording in Bandicam is one of its kind, there are some areas in which it falls behind. This Bandicam review points out all the details you need to know and a perfect alternative (EaseUS RecExperts) to overcome the limitations which can affect your videos. Try out EaseUS RecExperts for free to see what it can do and make a choice.

Bandicam Review FAQs

Here are some of the most frequent FAQs asked on Bandicam Review. If you have similar queries hope this will help you.

1. Is Bandicam safe?

Yes, as long as you download it from the official site. The legit software offers reliable solutions for all your screen recording needs.

2. Is Bandicam free?

Bandicam comes in both the free and paid version. The free version records videos of 10-min length with a watermark. If you buy the paid one, you will get unlimited recording time and access to all features.

3. Which is better, Bandicam or OBS?

It burns down to the purpose. The OBS is free and offers premium recording and editing features, but the user interface is complex. Whereas Bandicam is a simple tool with screen recording and simple editing tools. For basic needs, go with Bandicam, and for complex requirements, opt for OBS.

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