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As the open-source screencasting software, CamStudio can capture your screen and audio. Here, you know the CamStudio review and guide on how to record screen and screen with it. Also, the best alternative to CamStudio is given in this post.

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Crystal Chen Updated on Dec 30, 2022| min read

Compare with other open-source tools such as OBS Studio and VLC Media Player, CamStudio is the simple software to record screen and audio. Its small and friendly interface lets you understand all functions involved clearly. 

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This CamStudio review shows its main features and the guide on how to use it to capture screen and audio. 

To download CamStudio, go to: https://camstudio.org/

CamStudio Review - Main Features

As the popular screencasting software, CamStudio has many features, such as changing the video quality, audio resources, recording cursor, etc. Four key features are introduced in this part, helping enrich your video and audio when capturing. 

Feature Review 1. Change the Video Quality, Frame Rate, etc.

Here, you are allowed to change the quality and frame rate when capturing videos with CamStudio. For setting frame rate, use the button to adjust the playback rate, etc. Also, audio adjusting is accessible in this option. You can choose whether to lock capture and playback rates. Meanwhile, it has a built-in compressor to adjust the quality of your recorded video. 

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Feature Review 2. Audio Options for Adjusting Sound

It has three selections for voice recording, including Microphone, Speaker, and Video and Audio Synchronization. In the settings, you can choose the input device and format of capturing, etc. More importantly, to record audio with screen, you should apply the synchronization feature to set the time shift.

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Feature Review 3. Hide, Show, and Highlight Mouse Cursor

Recording the screen with a hidden mouse is possible when using the CamStudio recorder. In contrast, you can choose to show it, including an actual cursor and a custom one. What's more surprising is that it allows highlighting the cursor when capturing the screen. It's reliable to enable the visual clicking feedback and select the size, color, and shape of the cursor. 

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Feature Review 4. Editing Tools to Enrich Video and Audio

Reviewing CamStudio, it has some editing functions to deal with your audio and screen. Such as adding annotations. You can choose the shapes and layout. It also has the Shape library to import and store some resources. 

After CamStudio Review: How-to Record Screen and Audio

The review of CamStudio is provided in the above part, and if you want to know how to use it, follow the below tutorial. Before starting, use the Region button to select the recording area. Then, choose some necessary settings in advance.

Actually, you can use it on Windows and Mac. And here is a guide for PC users. 

Recording screen and audio with CamStudio on Windows 10:

Step 1. Download CamStudio and open it on PC. Before recording, you need to select the recorded area, choosing from Region, Fixed Region, Window, and Full Screen. Hit the option you want to select.

Also, to record audio with CamStudio, choose the "Options" > "Audio Options". Then, you select the audio resources. 

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Step 2. To start capturing, go to "File" > "Record". Then it starts immediately. On the small window, you can see the moving data. CamStudio shows the current frame, current file size, actual input rate, and some other information. 

Step 3. If you want to stop it, find the top toolbar and click the dark blue button. 

Step 4. It saves your video in AVI format. When a documental window shows, you can rename the file and click "Save". 

Best Alternative to CamStudio - Recording Screen and Sound on PC/Mac

Finish reading CamStudio review, if it cannot meet all your requirements, try the substitute, EaseUS RecExperts. Similar to CamStudio, it captures the screen, sound, and game. While it offers more options like choosing the output formats of audio and video, etc. CamStudio exports your video in AVI, but you have more choices like MP4, MOV, and FLV with it. 

More importantly, EaseUS RecExperts for Windows has the schedule recording feature that controls your recording duration automatically, and you don't need to stop the capturing mission manually. Also, there is a Mac version of EaseUS RecExperts so that you can enjoy the straightforward screen recording no matter what computer you are using.

Congratulations that you catch this chance to download the best substitute for CamStudio! Available for PC and Mac users. 

Key features of the best alternative to CamStudio:

  • Schedule recording on PC to capture your favorite videos freely
  • Choose the audio resources like the system sound and external one
  • Take a screenshot from the captured videos
  • Record audio from YouTube and other famous platforms
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How to record streaming video on Windows and Mac? 

With simple clicks, you can use this beneficial recorder to capture your screen with audio. It also allows advanced settings to enrich your video and audio. 

FAQs About CamStudio Review

Here are some frequently asked questions gathered from the public. Keep on reading if you are interested. 

1. Is CamStudio safe?

The only possibility to be attacked by a virus is to download from an irregular webpage. As far as the product itself is concerned, it is safe. 

2. Is CamStudio free?

As an open-source tool, CamStudio is 100% free. You only need to download it from the official website. Meanwhile, you can modify it because its design is publicly accessible. 

3. What is better than CamStudio?

VLC Media Player is better than CamStudio in terms of its efficient operations on recording screen and audio. As VLC supports more features such as converting between various audio and video.

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