Dropbox Capture vs. Loom - [2023 Thorough Comparison]

Are you looking for a Dropbox Capture vs Loom review to decide which is better? Or do you want a loom alternative that overcomes all its flaws? Well, get a detailed review here with a bonus entry for these two options.

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Updated on Apr 13, 2023

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What you'll learn in this guide:

Nowadays, screen sharing and recording are turning into a new normal. With screen recording capability, you can record your game to see a significant move in detail or an office meeting where you cannot jot down any important points. You can find many options for video recording and sharing from the comfort of your home. 

dropbox capture vs loom

Today, we review two amazingly working cloud-based screen recording and video-sharing options. These are Dropbox Capture and Loom. Get an insight into their main features, ups, and downs, and decide which is better for you. If you still need clarification, try our suggested alternative for these two as a straightforward choice.

Dropbox Capture: Thorough Review

Being an extension of Dropbox, Dropbox Capture allows capturing of videos along with a screenshot facility. It also helps in recording your screen and the camera and microphone. It also facilitates team coordination by creating a screen recording of any technique or procedure. You can give your team thorough guidance without repeating the steps repeatedly. It also assists with video and audio recording.  

dropvox capture

Main Features

  • It assists with recording Zoom meetings and sharing recordings so your audience or clients can watch them at their own pace.
  • Personalizing your message helps create more deeply with your teammates, customers, or clients.
  • It assists with creating how-to videos so you can send them across the globe to anyone.
  • It helps you toggle between apps like Slack; Hello Sign, Zoom, or Dropbox integrations for connecting your content to tools. 
  • It provides you with expiring links, permissions for downloading content, and password protection to ensure the shared files are secured.


  • You can customize the screen recording capability.
  • You can use functions like redo, pause, and deletion of recordings when required.
  • You can protect your files from unwanted edits, hackers, omissions, or viruses by using Dropbox Capture.
  • You will find it quite convenient as you will not have to switch between apps or search for required files.


  • It only provides an editing facility once you have captured the video.
  • The comments feature is missing here while watching the posted videos. 
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Does Dropbox Capture Have a Time Limit? Answer Is Here

The Dropbox Capture time limit is based on the subscription plans. The basic plan offers 120 minutes and the advanced offers unlimited recording time. The article discusses the subscription plans, how to use Dropbox Capture, and an excellent alternative, EaseUS RecExperts for basic and professional purposes.

dropbox time limit

Loom: Thorough Review

Loom has a user base of more than 14 million and is a top-rated platform that is used to record videos at your convenience. It also assists you with link sharing facility so your peers, relatives, or friends can watch the content with you simultaneously or whenever they want. Zoom also works with the same concept, but in Loom, the participants may be absent from participation. Along with video sharing and recording, it also allows video analytics and editing.


Main Features

  • The Loom user interface is intuitive and enables access to the proper devices for audio/video.
  • There are plenty of link-sharing options.
  • With the folder system, it is seamless to organize videos.
  • Multiple apps and integrations, and recording features are also very seamless.
  • It provides you with notifications in real time.


  • The camera overlay provides easy and quick screen recording.
  • Video view notifications appear for reference.
  • You get multiple integrations with Loom.
  • You can get notes and comments as annotations.


  • It is more challenging to use than the Loom alternative - Dropbox Capture.
  • The pen-to-draw feature needs to be added in Loom.

Dropbox Capture & Loom Alternative - EaseUS RecExperts

We hope you found the pros, cons, and valuable features of dropbox capture and Loom. But as far as dropbox capture vs Loom is concerned, Dropbox offers users better integration, version control, security, and sizeable file-sharing scope. Additionally, a dropbox account helps you access files, photos, etc., and share them. On the other hand, Loom bags points over Dropbox capture regarding search functionality, analytics, and ease of video sharing capabilities.

However, if you are looking for a desktop app that overcomes all the cons of the audio recording and video sharing tools, EaseUS RecExperts can be your ideal choice.

EaseUS Rec Experts is an all-round Mac and Windows screen recorder with capabilities like full-screen recording, recording a particular part of your screen, or editing while screen recording. This comprehensive screen recorder also records your screen and webcam st the same time and does not leave a watermark. It also assists you in capturing your unique voice crisply to give you a clear audio recording.  

Main Features

  • Provides lossless playback without compression for 4K HD videos, even in raw format.
  • Allows playing the video directly, giving you quick player access by creating a shortcut.
  • Provides easy file management by giving accessibility to batch deletion of files.
  • Provides easy drag and drop facility for input and output of videos in 13 formats.
  • Refines videos by using advanced frame-by-frame options precisely, keeping track of milliseconds.

You must download and use the software to get to know it better. So, please give it quick accessibility and unleash its potential for recording your screen or editing your video in top-notch quality. It is undoubtedly a better alternative to the discussed tools that overcomes their cons easily.

Wrapping Up

As we discussed in detail about Dropbox Capture and Loom, we came across specific points that were up for Dropbox but were a downside for Loom and vice versa. In contrast, Loom has better analytics to show the data for those logged in and better video sharing capabilities. As a result, Dropbox Capture has better ease of use and integrations with apps like Canva, Slack, etc.

However, when we dug deeper, EaseUS RecExperts emerged as a better alternative for both tools, as mentioned earlier. With impressive screen recording capability in high quality, it is also easy to use and pocket friendly, making it an ideal choice as Dropbox Capture and Loom alternative. So download it right away!

FAQs on Dropbox Capture & Loom

If you have thoroughly reviewed Dropbox Capture and Loom, it's time to check out some exciting FAQs.

1. Is Dropbox capture good?

Yes, Dropbox capture's free plan is suitable for primary users. However, if you are a professional looking for an affordable screen recording and sharing alternative, EaseUS RecExperts can offer better features at a low price. 

2. Is Dropbox capture free?

Yes, the basic version of dropbox capture comes for free. However, you must pay around $9.99 monthly for Plus, $16.99 monthly for Family, and $16.58 for Professional plans. If you have teams, you can also opt for the following:

  • Standard plan at $15/user/month.
  • Advanced program at $24/user/month.

3. What is Dropbox capture?

Dropbox capture is an excellent tool for easy, fast, straightforward work sharing. It enables taking screenshots of a part or full screen of your Mac and PC that you can share with individuals later.

4. Is Loom a good screen recorder?

Loom is a good screen recorder available for free, enabling you to do screen recording and use a webcam simultaneously. You can capture your screen in high definition up to 4K.

EaseUS RecExperts

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