Top 7 Free Webinar Service Platforms in 2023

What is a webinar, you might ask? It is a live presentation or seminar that uses the internet to broadcast its presentations to a potentially unlimited online audience while those individuals can ask questions with the host. Free and paid webinar platforms allow you to present your information to an audience online.

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Melissa Lee

Updated on Nov 29, 2023

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When you want to deliver your message to a large number of people, the best way to do so is to use a webinar. It takes just a few moments for someone to join your webinar on their computer, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere in the world. A webinar is also an excellent way to lead potential customers to your products or uniquely engage existing customers.

There are many great webinar service platforms, but these are the top seven free webinar service platforms in 2022. Before that, find out what a webinar is and what makes it good!

What Is a Webinar? What Makes a Good Webinar Software?

If you're a business or a company, Webinars can be a fantastic way to generate interest in your products or services. They're also often used for work meetings, product launches, and training. If you're in the market for good webinar software that matches your requirements, it could be challenging.

Through the use of the right webinar tools, one can engage the webinar participants and form lasting connections; and hence it is important to choose carefully. There are a variety of aspects you should look out for before proceeding with a webinar service platform.

  • Budget: There are various service platforms available at different costs; some are free, some cost a penny, while some cost a lot. So, before you start, decide what your budget for the webinar platform is.
  • Attendees: Make an educated guess on realistically how many attendees will join the webinar.
  • Frequency: Decide or make a guess on how often will you be hosting webinars? Will it be a single-time event or one that will repeat.

Top 7 Best Free Webinar Platforms in 2022

Here is the list of popular webinar services you can use.

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams makes it easy to schedule recording video and audio meetings with a single person or a team. Administrators can also set up webinars and organize discussions with up to 10,000 participants.

Microsoft Teams' rich set of features includes screen sharing, recording, captioning, background blur, chat, and direct access. Hardware options complement the platform's powerful video conferencing features to enable users to join calls from almost anywhere. 

Microsoft Teams


  • Integrate with Microsoft Apps
  • Rich feature set
  • Join via Dial-in and over the internet
  • Schedule Invites and distributes them on or off-network


  • Limit conferences to 60 minutes with the free version
  • Take time to set up

2. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting, from a company known for its security and privacy measures, is one of the most secured web conferencing services one could find. You can hold unlimited meetings even with the free edition, and there is no limit to the meeting duration.

Further, you can take advantage of Advanced Moderator controls to oversee meetings and participants. Sharing your screen is not just possible from the computer, you can also do it from an iOS or an Android device.

Zoho Meetings


  • Strongly integrated with Zoho services
  • Highly secure
  • Cheap plans


  • Free tier limited to 2 participants
  • Limit number of features

3. Zoom

Aimed at Enterprise level users, Zoom is a complete video conferencing suite with an attractive free plan. With a free plan, users can host video conferences for up to 100 participants. While one can host a 1 to 1 video conference for an infinite duration, as soon as the number of participants crosses, there's a timer timed at 40 minutes in duration with the free plan.

There is a paid plan available to remove these restrictions, or you can keep your conferences short and sweet. It is possible to host an unlimited number of meetings, so you host another one once you hit that limit. 

Zoom Webinar


  • Record audio and video locally
  • Share screen/present notes
  • Join via web application/desktop application/mobile


  • Limit to 100 participants in the free plan
  • Timer set to 40 minutes in duration

4. Skype

Skype offers a free web conferencing solution that is widely known and packs in a ton of functionality. Users can host video conferences that can hold up to 25 participants. Skype has mobile apps for desktop OS, Android, and iOS that allow on-the-go conferencing and record a Skype call could be done on these platforms.

You can seamlessly integrate Skype into Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.



  • Integration with Microsoft Office Programs
  • Application available for all platforms
  • Support for instant messaging


  • Signup required
  • Limited to 25 participants

5. Cisco WebEx

The Cisco-owned Webex software is frequently included in lists of the best web conference tools. Cisco created a pretty effective product for conference solutions with its product that was one of the first. In the free Webex version, the number of conference attendees is limited to three. Users can share their screens.

Small businesses and large enterprises requiring extensive security can find Webex to be an ideal choice. Several teleconferencing features are included in this software, including Transport Layer Security, encryption, and secure scheduling options. The capability to integrate Cisco Spark with Webex is a major attraction for Cisco Spark users.

Cisco Webex


  • Good level of security
  • Tight integration with Cisco Spark
  • Enterprise-grade features


  • No file sharing option with the free plan
  • Not many cloud storage options

6. Google Meet

Formerly Google Hangouts Meet, Google Meet is part of Google's Workspace office productivity platform. Despite its recent rebranding, Google Meet intends to provide world-class conferencing services. This solution is designed for businesses and can support many consumers and users simultaneously, with a fast interface and smart participation. 

Google Meet is intended to provide a better experience for external clients by replacing Google Hangouts with new features. This is accomplished first by providing a web-enabled app, which means there's no requirement for an application to be downloaded.

It is one of the best business-grade conferencing platforms which doesn't require much hardware upfront and hence is a great option for virtually any business of any size. Sometimes you may need to record Google Meet to check the information with your cooperative partner, there are sorts of screen recording software to choose. 

Google Meet


  • It can scale to any size
  • It doesn't require much hardware upfront
  • It is integrated with Google services


  • Not as secure as other conferencing applications
  • Require a strong internet connection, else faces hiccup

7. Jitsi Meet

Getting started is a breeze with Jitsi Meet. It's simple to use, and you need to head over to the site and click "Go." Jitsi Meet is one of a kind application, being open source. It is possible to build your own via Jitsu Video bridge if you're particularly technical.

A quick web version will appeal to most people, including many features found in more well-known apps. Including public and private chat, recording, administrator controls, and more. There's support for meeting up to 75 participants virtually. It also integrates with Slack, Google Calendar, and Office 365.

Jitsi Meet


  • Open source
  • Completely free
  • Support for the public, private chats, and recording


  • Limited to 75 participants
  • Several issues with the application have been reported over the Internet

How to Record a Webinar in High Quality on Windows/Mac

Recording a webinar could come in handy and you might want to refer to it later or like to share the same with your friends and family. If you're looking for a solution to recording your webinar or meeting, EaseUS RecExperts is a free, versatile video and audio recording application. 

The software has been performing exceptionally well in extreme situations, such as capturing webinars with the microphone sound, recording lectures, and more. The screen recording software offers an excellent and easy-to-use interface, allowing beginners to understand what they are doing. Some of the features have been mentioned below.

Key Features:

  • Record part of screen or a full screen flexibly
  • Capture video and audio simultaneously
  • Record stream from a webcam for an interactive experience
  • Create and execute tasks automatically with Task Scheduler
  • Export the audio in various formats

If you want to try this webinar video recorder, the buttons below can help you.

These are the steps to record a webinar meeting.

Step 1. Go to the meetings that you want to record. Then, launch EaseUS RecExperts on your devices. Choose the "Full Screen"  recording mode or select the recording area in the "Region" mode.

Choose a Recording Mode

Step 2. Choose to record the system sound, microphone sound or none by clicking on the according buttons. When it's time to start recording, click on the red "REC" button to begin.

Record Webcam System Microphone

Step 3. If you need to pause the recording, click on the white double vertical bar. To end the recording, click on the red square sign. You can also use the hotkeys "F10" and "F9" to pause or stop recording.

Pause or Stop Recording

Step 4. After recording, you can view the meeting videos in the pop-up recording list.

Recording List Window


There are many webinar service platforms to choose from, be it either Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or anything else; you can choose a tool wisely based on the factors mentioned above.

If you need to record the screen for work information at meetings, or record important moments with your family on video, a good screen recording application such as the EaseUS RecExperts helps enhance the overall productivity. Try it now.

EaseUS RecExperts

One-click to capture anything on screen!

No Time Limit, No watermark

Start Recording

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