Best 10 iPhone Voice Recorder in 2023 [Updated]

Video recording is essential in various situations, and if you want to enjoy high-quality recordings on your iPhone, you will surely need the best iPhone voice recorder. This write-up offers the top 10 voice recorders with superb features to facilitate you!

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Melissa Lee

Updated on Aug 29, 2023

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Top 1. Voice Memos
Top 2. Rev Voice Recorder
Top 3. AudioShare
Top 4. Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes
Top 5. Recorder Plus
Top 6. HT Professional Recorder
Top 7. Awesome Voice Recorder
Top 8. Voice Recorder & Audio Editor
Top 9. AudioNote 2 Voice Recorder
Top 10. Smart Recorder and Transcriber
Bonus Tip. Best Windows and Mac Voice Recorder
FAQs about iPhone Voice Recorder

Audio recording is crucial whether you want to save a memorable conversation, an important lecture, practice music sessions, a professional interview, or your thoughts/ideas. But in this advanced technological world, there is no requirement for a separate audio recorder for Windows.

The reason is the new and prolific methods with which you can easily and swiftly do voice recordings on smart devices. For example, the built-in Voice Memos app works as the best iPad and iPhone voice recorder. Their microphones enable you to record high-quality audio effortlessly.

However, some third-party recorders have taken voice recordings to heights. So this detailed guide provides you with the leading options for selecting the best voice recorder for iPhones to complete your task!

Top 1. Voice Memos

Voice Memos is an in-built iPhone voice recorder that offers an exciting range of features for everyone, especially beginners in the recording world. You need to check the Extras icon from the home screen to find the app. If your video length is long, you can utilize its trimming function to cut it short.

Besides its microphone, it is possible to connect the Bluetooth headset or external microphone if required. Plus, you can use its Skip Silence feature to skip the audio gaps in your recordings.

Voice Memos


  • Compatible with Apple Watch
  • Help you reduce background noise
  • Let you record while using other apps


  • Unable to share the lengthy files
  • It doesn't offer notes taking while recording
  • Not suitable for professionals, mostly

Top 2. Rev Voice Recorder

Rev Voice Recorder is a fantastic solution if you want an easy-to-use, customer-oriented, free recording application. It assists you in not only recording but also transcribing any audio file. You can achieve unlimited high-quality recordings with ease.

Furthermore, it lets you trim and share recordings to Cloud, Dropbox, Evernote, etc. Even you can effortlessly record in the background; however, it gets paused for incoming calls.

Rev Voice Recorder


  • Work on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac
  • Import recordings to Rev from other apps
  • Let you view or play the recordings if required


  • Voice-to-text transcription is not free
  • It does not offer advanced features
  • Some people reported crashes while working

Top 3. AudioShare

Do you need to work on multiple audio files? If yes, you are going to love the AudioShare iPhone voice recorder. It helps you transfer files between the different applications or your PC. Along with fantastic power tools, you can record microphone.

You can easily import your recordings and go for playback at different qualities. Simply, it lets you select your bitrate and sample rates.



  • Help you trim and fade in & out audio files
  • Offer an advanced set of recording features
  • Support an easier recordings management


  • Beginners may require a tutorial to work
  • It does not offer a modern interface
  • The audio effects selection is not much

Top 4. Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes

The Otter is a great app that works as an iPhone voice recorder with only a click, either shortcut or a widget. Though its name only implies its meeting transcription services, it does the recordings as well. Even you can change audio speed.

It offers an easy AI-based solution to record and transcribe interviews, meetings, and much more in real-time. Once done, you can create a group and share everything to view, edit, and highlight.

Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes


  • Support output formats like SRT, PDF, MP3, and TXT
  • Transcribe all the voice recordings automatically
  • Provide you with live captioning during meetings


  • Offer only 600 minutes in the free version
  • Costly annual and monthly subscriptions
  • Support no settings for voice recordings

Top 5. Recorder Plus

Recorder Plus is a professional iPhone voice recorder that supports voice memos recordings. Coming with a simpler user interface, it provides you with a one-touch voice recording. Besides recording, you can also play files in the background over other apps.

While offering recordings in low, medium, and superb audio quality, it lets you choose the audio format quickly. Even you can access the file management options if required.

Recorder Plus


  • Offer adjustable playback and trim controls
  • Let you share multiple recordings to iCloud
  • Save/Download recordings to Mac using iTunes


  • Require purchase for many features
  • Support only basic editing options
  • Get buggy sometimes

Top 6. HT Professional Recorder

HT Professional Recorder is an ideal choice for people who want to record large business meetings or classroom lectures. The reason is the voice sensitivity feature of this video conference recorder, which is powerful enough to amplify the voices automatically.

Therefore, recording in larger rooms gets easier once you press the Record button. All the audio files are saved in Library, and you can share them with others via email or iTunes, as preferred.

HT Professional Recorder


  • Offer skip silence button to remove gaps
  • Let you bookmark the important moments
  • Start recording automatically once you launch the app


  • No availability of transcription feature
  • Pause recordings due to incoming phone calls
  • It does not offer any free services

Top 7. Awesome Voice Recorder

The voice recording on your iPhone gets quick and efficient with Awesome Voice Recorder. You only need to adjust the result file quality, the option to make stereo or mono recordings, and the file format, i.e., you can record MP4 on iPhone, record as M4A, MP3, or WAV.

Plus, it is possible to pause or resume the recordings; however, the pause must not exceed three minutes. Even adding tags to highlight some recording parts is not tricky with this app.

Awesome Voice Recorder


  • Offer background noise reduction feature
  • Support an easy and quick processing method
  • Let you use advanced recording tools


  • The number of output formats is not much
  • The inexperienced users may face some difficulty
  • Some users may encounter bugs issues

Top 8. Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor is a simple-to-use app for beginners, especially students. It allows you to record lectures without limitation, but you must have enough storage on your iPhone. Offering multiple output audio formats, you can also go for trimming and adjusting the audio playback speed.

Even it is possible to upload the recordings to iCloud & Drive and share them on different social websites like Snapchat, Facebook, etc. Lastly, you can benefit from its (paid) transcription services.

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor


  • Protect your recordings with a passcode
  • Let you skip back & forth and loop recordings
  • Save your files to iTunes effortlessly


  • Offer only limited free functionalities
  • Generate long files if stopped in between
  • Recording calls require a purchase

Top 9. AudioNote 2 Voice Recorder

If you are looking for a highly professional voice recorder for your iPhone, AudioNote 2 is just right for you. The specialty of this recorder is its adaptation to the environment while recording, such as room size and volume level. Along with its noise reduction feature, you can also perform the unwanted background noise removal function.

Moreover, it is free of any pause time limitation while recording. Even importing the already recorded audio files is possible for note-creation purposes.

AudioNote 2 Voice Recorder


  • One of the cross-platform voice recorders
  • Syncs the recordings between various devices
  • Provide you with the superb quality recordings


  • Offer only a month's trial for free
  • The interface and some features are outdated
  • People may require a guide to begin working

Top 10. Smart Recorder and Transcriber

Smart Recorder is a credible and efficient app that not only works as a voice recorder but also creates ringtones for iPhone. Also, the reason behind its support for many audio files is its no time limitation feature for recordings.

Furthermore, you can easily navigate your recorded files and share the desired ones via iTunes and iCloud, whatever you prefer.

Smart Recorder and Transcriber


  • Let you transcribe your recordings quickly
  • Support Bluetooth to share files
  • Export the short audio recordings via email


  • Unable to record the incoming phone calls
  • It does not offer any advanced editing features
  • Provide you with only a limited number of formats

Bonus Tip. Best Windows and Mac Voice Recorder

In case you want to use a secure and stable voice recorder on Windows or Mac, EaseUS RecExperts is a leading choice. The reason behind this is its perfect sound quality with flexible recording functionalities. This Mac and Windows screen recorder not only helps you record the audio but perform the screen recording function as well. You can also record screen with microphone or the system sound collectively or separately.

Even recording without audio and adjusting the volume is all in your control. More so, it assists you in changing the audio settings like format, bitrate, and channel. You can also use the task schedule feature by entering some simple details. Last but not least, it is possible to go for advanced editing of the output audio file.

EaseUS RecExperts Record Audio

Main features:

  • Work as an OGG player with a good performance
  • Support formats like WAV, OGG, FLAC, AAC, etc.
  • Record screen (with or without audio) and webcam
  • Speed up video playback with one click
  • Keep track of all the recorded audio/video tracks

FAQs about iPhone Voice Recorder

Check the frequently asked questions and their answers below.

1. Where is the voice recorder on my iPhone?

The voice recorder on your iPhone is called Voice Memos app. With this app, you can record the system audio easily and quickly.

2. Can I use my iPhone to record a conversation?

You'll need a call recording app to record your iPhone conversations. You have a long list of audio recording apps to choose from in this article. Just choose one tool you like.

3. How long can you record audio on iPhone?

There is no time limitation on recording your audio. However, if you record too long, the recorded file will take up too much space in your storage. It's better to record in a reasonable time period.


The above write-up offers you the ten best iPhone voice recorder apps. However, the choice is dependent upon your priorities and needs. Some people want to use built-in iPhone recorders for capturing moments or making voice memos. However, you must use third-party apps for high-quality recordings, such as audio content creation.

Sometimes, people must use a voice recorder on PCs like Windows or Mac. If so, EaseUS RecExperts is the ultimate choice. Considering its flexible recording options and editing features, why not try it once?

EaseUS RecExperts

One-click to capture anything on screen!

No Time Limit, No watermark

Start Recording

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