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If you want to leverage the default Nividia screen recorder of your graphic card, this passage introduces how Nvidia Share operates and the details of its specifications.

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Melissa Lee Updated on Nov 08, 2022| min read

Some of you may see Nvidia Share as nothing but a default recorder of Nvidia graphics cards. As a matter of fact, this game recorder, accompanied by Nvidia Geforce's ability to enhance game performance, is qualified as the best game recorder on the market.

According to the report issued by Steam, from July 2019 to November 2020, the Nvidia graphics card has taken up an 80 percent proportion of Steam users. The statistics revealed an undisputed fact that Nvidia is considered a common choice for gamers.

So today, I am going to find out the reasons why Nvidia is such prevailing. And during the demonstration of this point, instruction for how to record with Nvidia Share will be given.

Nvidia Screen Recorder Overview

Nvidia graphics card creates premium recording conditions for its users. Its amazing ability to boost games has things to do with the groundbreaking NVIDIA RTX/DLSS/Reflex technologies that could drastically intensify the performance of 4K games on the market.

Let's use Cyberpunk 2077 as an example, and you can better understand me - with the Nvidia graphics card RTX 3060 Ti or higher, this game appears to be more picturesque with the most absorbing, and realistic scenes presented to gamers.

cover of nvidia scrren recorder

When your games operate in an excellent performance, there is no doubt that your gameplay recordings will be awesome. This explains why Nvidia Share is considered a premium game recorder - its graphics card runs the best games in the first place!

(FYI, Nvidia RTX/DLSS/Reflex technologies make PC and monitor respond more quickly to users' operations on keyboard and mouse. They help decrease latency and enhance the experience in first-person shooting games)

Nvidia Share Features

  • Save the last 5 minutes of gameplay with the Instant Replay mode
  • Provide a window that helps you monitor the system latency, average FPS, mouse latency, etc
  • Record with a webcam and capture your microphone sounds
  • Support games: DirectX 9/10/11 and OpenGL games (only in the windowed mode)
  • Time limit: Instant Replay length - 5 minutes, the manual recording mode - 20minutes or no time limit (If you're using Windows 8 or later)
  • Cause little burden to CPU

Nvidia Share Parameters

  • Video Codec/Format: Hardware Accelerated H.264 MP4
  • Video quality: Low, Medium, and High
  • Resolution: up to 3840×2160, 4K resolution
  • Frame rate: up to 60fps
  • Bit rate: 10 - 50 Mbps

How to Record Games with Nvidia Screen Recorder

On its floating bar, Nvidia Share offers 3 options to users: Instant Replay, Record, and Broadcast Live. The Instant Replay mode will help users capture the last 5 minutes of their gameplay. And the Record mode is a manual recording mode, which is more convenient for creating long gameplay videos. The third mode - Broadcast Live is designed to help game anchors stream their games to other platforms, and it is not our topic today.

Preparations Before Recording

To use Nvidia Share, you have to embed an Nvidia graphics card on your PC (GTX 650 or higher) and make sure the GeForce Experience is up-to-date. If you are using a GSAS or VAST PC, you need to check out whether you have the GeForce Experience downloaded on your computer. If not, you need to go to the official site and download it.

To Enable Nvidia Share

The last step to enable the Nvidia Share: Check and enable it under Settings > General Overlay > In-Game Overlay > Switch on the green button.

enable nvidia recorder

How to Record Games with Nvidia Recorder?

The instruction below is all about the manual recording mode. Now follow the simple steps to configure the recorder and create your own game clips with it.

Step 1. Choose the recording mode that suits you
The 'Record' mode is our choice, click on it.

nvidia recorder’s control bar

Step 2. Set for recording
To make the final videos look good, there are some options that needed to be set up before recording. You need to pay attention to these parameters especially: video quality, recording length, resolution, FPS, and bit rate. You can also decide whether to add a webcam to your gameplay recording.

Nvidia game recorder settings

Step 3. Start and end recording

Now you can play your PC games and record them by manually calling out Nvidia Share. When you feel like ending the course, end the recording.

Step 4. Share the clips

you can upload your gameplay footage onto several social media platforms.

Nvidia Share is a derivative product of the famous Nvidia graphics card. And owing to the graphics card's powerful ability, Nvidia captures the best quality games videos. However, the biggest problem of it is the complicated preparations before recording. And it is restricted by the Nvidia Graphics card, it can't work alone. Also, it is no way to edit the clips after recording. So here I want to recommend the best alternative recorder of Nvidia Share to you.

How to Record Games with Another Competent Game Recorder

EaseUS RecExperts for Windows works with most of the games on the market. The gameplay videos this recorder produced is not stuttering, and also, this game recorder will not cause your games any lags or latency. 

Also, you are allowed to take a screenshot, add the webcam, etc. The best part about this best game recording software is its ability to output your videos in various formats. Speaking of format, it is also a GIF recorder, which means that you use it to produce vivid GIF pictures out of your clips. This recorder will be the right choice for you if you don't need the function to broadcast your games, or you are not seeking the ultimate gaming experience.

Main Features

  • Use full-screen or regional screen mode to capture gameplay
  • Add system or microphone sound to enrich the video
  • Produce GIF clips out of your gameplay
  • Record with a webcam - adding your talking head to your game clips
  • This recorder is a no lag screen recorder
  • Change the frame rate and other settings

Now, catch this chance to download it for free!

How to Record Games with this tool on Windows:

Step 1. Launch the gameplay that you want to record. Next, open EaseUS RecExperts and click on the "Game" button on the left.

Record gameplay

Step 2. Click on the "Select Game" option to choose a Game Window or Game Process. Then, you can enable the audio and webcam recording if needed. When all are done, click the big REC button to start the gameplay recording.

Choose gameplay

Step 3. A floating toolbar will appear, and you can pause or stop the recording. Besides that, the camera icon enables you to take a screenshot, and the timer icon lets you stop the recording automatically.

Start gameplay recording

Step 4. After saving the recorded gameplay video, a media player will pop up. It gives you a built-in tool to trim the recording, extract audio from the video, and add an opening & ending part. You can find the tool at the bottom of the player.

View gameplay recording

The Bottom Line

Nvidia graphics card impresses gamers with its unparalleled ability to enhance game performance. And as a bundled recorder of this graphics card, it delivers brilliant performance on recording games, too.

Today's post displays details of the Nvidia Share and offers an alternative choice - EaseUS RecExperts. It bears more features that a gamer may need and provides users with simpler procedures to record. Try it now!

Nvidia Screen Recorder FAQs

What's the requirement of an Nvidia Graphics card for playing 4K games on PC?

Premium Configuration: RTX 3060 Ti Nvidia graphics card or higher

Optimum Configuration: RTX 20 series Nvidia graphics card

Minimum Configuration: GTX 650 series Nvidia graphics card

How to record games with a webcam using Nvidia Share?

Go to the general overlay > Select the button 'settings' on the In-Game overlay > in the popping-up window, choose HUD layout, and that's where you can add a webcam to your recording.

Can I use the Nvidia Share without the GPU inserted?

I am afraid the answer is negative.

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