Top 8 Best Screen Recorder for Chromebook in 2023

It's easy to find a screen recorder for Windows PC or Macbook. However, when it comes to Chromebooks, things are different. As many Chromebook users may don't know which is the best screen recorder for Chromebook, this post will offer you many choices, and you can pick up the best one from them.

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Melissa Lee Updated on Dec 30, 2022| min read

With the increasing popularity of telecommuting and online courses, videos have become more and more popular in our daily lives. Teachers may need to record lecture videos for their students, and students perhaps need to record the course videos to review the knowledge.

It's not difficult to record a video as long as you have a powerful recorder that can capture the screen of your PC and your webcam. There are a lot of recorders that are compatible with Windows and macOS, but things are different when it comes to the Chromebook recorders. Which is the best screen recorder for Chromebooks? This post will introduce some of those Chromebook screen recorders to you, and you can select the most suitable one.

Top 8 Best Screen Recorder for Chromebook Free:

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Top 1. Screencastify 

Screencastify is one of the most famous screen recorders for Chromebooks as it is powerful and easy to use. If you are a beginner who wants to find the best screen recorder for Chromebooks, this one is a great choice. Whether you need primary or professional recording tools, this recorder can always meet your needs. 

As Screencastify is deeply integrated with Google, the recording files captured with this recorder will be immediately saved to your Google Drive. This feature enables you to access those recordings wherever you are, and you don't have to download them to your device anymore. 



  • The free version is available
  • Offer you annotation tools to take notes
  • Record high-quality video and audio files


  • Cannot record internal sound
  • The time limit for recording is only 10 minutes

Top 2. Nimbus 

Nimbus is also an all-in-one powerful browse extension that you can record the screen or record audio on Chromebook. This Chrome screen recorder offers you many optional video resolutions to meet your requirements. If you want to get a high-quality video, 2160P is suitable for you, and the 420P is the best choice if you're going to save your storage space. 

This versatile record offers you the drawing tools to annotate when recording a video. You can add arrows or rectangles to make the essential content well-marked. If you are a user of its premium version, this tool can even help you add a watermark to the recordings.



Offer users drawing tools and editing tool

Support uploading recordings to YouTube directly

Customize the video resolution freely


  • Only export recordings in WebM format in free version
  • Sometimes slow and sluggish

Top 3. Loom 

Loom offers you a Chrome extension version for Chromebook users to record screen, audio, and webcam easily. It offers you many modes to record your Chromebook screen. For instance, you can record the whole desktop or only the tab you are browsing, and this feature helps you only capture the content you want to show others. 

Besides that, it allows you to record the screen and webcam simultaneously or separately so that you can make videos in accordance with your needs. It offers you some advanced settings to customize your recordings. For instance, you can flip the camera and show the control menu on your screen.

loom on chromebook


  • Share recordings with others immediately
  • Add a password to control access to your recordings
  • Offer some video editing tools to trim your recordings or add a thumbnail


  • The time limit for recording in the version is only 5 minutes
  • Annotation tools are only available in the premium version

Top 4. Screencast-O-Matic 

Many people don't know that Screen-O-Matic is powerful recording software for Chromebooks as it is usually considered a Windows or Mac recorder. In fact, Screencast-O-Matic offers you a Chrome extension version to capture whatever is on your Chromebook screen, and you can easily get the launcher of this recorder in the Chrome web store.

This Chromebook screen recorder allows you to capture the screen and microphone at the same time so that you can add the voiceover to your recordings to explain things that are difficult to understand. It offers you a significant amount of music and traditions that can be added to the captured videos, but you have to pay for them.

screencast o matic


  • Offer drawing tools to take notes
  • Upload recordings to your cloud accounts
  • Support trimming the recordings


  • You have to log in to use this recorder
  • Many elements are only available in the paid version

Top 5. Grephy Screen Recorder 

Compared with many powerful and versatile Chromebook screen recorders mentioned above, this screen recording apps for Chromebook is simple. When you activate it in your Chrome browser, a user-friendly interface will pop up and offers you some options for customizing your recordings, but those are only some basic settings. 

As to the video source, this recorder gives you three choices: the entire desktop, the active window, or the single tab. Besides the video source, you can also adjust the audio source and video quality per your needs. Because of the lack of advanced settings, you cannot get the annotation tools or editing tools to enrich your recordings. A powerful video editing app is needed if you want to add transitions or other effects to the captured videos, such as EaseUS Video Editor.

grephy screen recorder


  • The interface is clean and straightforward
  • Support capturing system audio and microphone audio simultaneously
  • Free to use


  • Export recordings in WebM format
  • No shortcut is available

Top 6. Vidyard Screen Recorder 

Vidyard Screen Recorder is compatible with your Chromebook, and it can help you record videos or take screenshots with simple clicks.

The video quality of the output files is adjustable, but this screen recorder for Chromebooks supports two levels of quality. To be more specific, you can record HD videos or disable the HD recording in the settings. Although you can not customize the video resolution in detail, this recorder can meet the basic recording needs.

If you want to share the captured videos with others, you don't have to spend time downloading the files and sending them one by one. All you need to do is copy the URL of the recording and share the URL via email.

vidyard screen recorder


  • Support customizing the thumbnail
  • Upload recordings to YouTube directly
  •   Embed the recordings to your website easily


  • Require you to log in
  • Lack of advanced features

Top 7. Drift Video for Chrome 

Drift Video for Chrome is suitable for everyone, and even you have no knowledge about screen recording on Chromebook. As this recording tool is easy to use, if you are a beginner, this tool could be your best screen recorder for Chromebooks.

One of the unique characteristics of Drift Video for Chrome is its robust video editing function. It provides you with a drag-and-drop editor to trim the recorded videos and make the thumbnail freely. In addition to editing the videos, some tools help you remove the audio and save the recordings in GIF format. 

drift recorder extension


  • Offer various video editing tools
  • Support adjusting viewer access
  • Free to use


  • Complex to use for beginners
  • Take a relatively long time to load the tool

Top 8. Recordcast 

Recordcast is a user-friendly and straightforward online screen recorder for Chromebook free. The same as many other online recorders, the steps to capture your Chromebook screen are very simple. The most attractive feature of this screen recording apps for Chromebook is the online video editing tool it offers. 

After recording, there will be a "Download and Edit" button that you can click to save the recorded video to your device. Besides that, the web page will turn to an online video editor, giving you various tools to edit the recordings freely. For instance, you can add transitions and watermarks to videos with simple clicks.

recordcast chrome extension


  • Offer you a powerful online video editor
  • Straightforward to use


  • 5 time limit for recording
  • Only export recordings in WebM format

Extra Recommendation: Best Screen Recorder for Windows PC 

This post introduced many recording tools. Which one is the best video recorder Chromebook users can use? Different people have different choices. But as to the best screen recording software for Windows PC, EaseUS RecExperts is the one you can not miss. 

This robust recording software offers both primary and advanced recording tools you need to record your screen. Its recording modes enable you to capture screen, audio, and webcam with ease. Moreover, it provides you with a Task Scheduler to record videos automatically, and you can also use the "Auto Split" and "Auto Stop" to get the recordings without any effort. 

Many Chromebook screen recorders mentioned above only support exporting recording in WebM format. However, EaseUS RecExperts supports more than 10 output formats. That means you can directly save the recordings in an appropriate format, and you don't have to convert the files to other formats. 

EaseUS RecExperts

  • Customize the recording region freely
  • Support schedule recording and Auto Split
  • Trim recordings with a built-in tool
  • Support more than 10 video/audio formats
  • Preview recordings with a built-in media player

If you are interested in this mighty screen recorder for Windows PC, don't forget to download it for free. No registration is needed.


There  are 8 screen recording apps for Chromebook. Some of them are powerful and versatile, while others are simple and user-friendly. Which one is the best screen recorder for Chromebooks?        

If you also have a Windows PC, it's advisable to use EaseUS RecExperts as it helps you capture video, audio, and webcam without any effort. Don't miss this all-in-one software if you need to make a video on a computer.

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