Top 9 Desktop Screen Recorder on Windows and Mac

When you need to create a tutorial or share your gameplay with friends and followers, a screen recording app is an excellent option. Some applications might ask you to pay for full access, but it's rarely worth it to pull out your wallet. The good news is that you've still got plenty of great free choices to look at, and this guide shows 9 of the best desktop screen recorders both for Windows PCs and laptops or for Mac computers.

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Updated on Nov 29, 2023

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Desktop screen recording is becoming more and more necessary today. These kinds of tasks are used both by remote workers to create a video from PowerPoint presentations or by distance learning students when they prepare their homework. Gamers also search for specific screen capturing applications to show off their successful gameplay in the latest game blockbuster.

Whether you're making a tutorial for your YouTube collection, or you have to record a Skype call, there are tons of best free screen recorder software that'll fit the bill. This handbook shows 9 of the most popular free-to-use desktop screen recorders available for Windows or Mac machines. Just continue reading to find the best desktop screen recording software.

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#1. EaseUS RecExperts

Compatibility: Windows and macOS

EaseUS RecExperts is one of the most popular desktop screen recorders. It enables you to capture a full screen or a selected area flexibly according to your needs. While recording, you are able to choose record screen with or without audio/webcam freely. Moreover, the schedule recording function is also provided, which can automatically start or stop the recording at a specified time. 

After recording, this software offers some editing tools to help you modify the recorded file as you want, like splitting and adding Intros & Outros. And you can export the recorded video clip to your favorite output formats (MP4, MOV, FLV, etc.),


  • Easy to use, suitable both for professional users and novices
  • It supports many videos and audio formats 
  • The programmable hotkeys will accelerate the operation during a screen recording
  • Hiding desktop icons, the taskbar, prevent the video from freezing, etc.


#2. Bandicam

Compatibility: Windows

Bandicam's slick app allows for speedy screen recording with easy-to-use professional features. That includes screen selection for recording, real-time drawing, and microphone use while recording, as well as webcam overlays. You can put your own logo as a watermark to the video and reduce the noise. There are also many settings specifications for recording from various devices. If you are a game fan, Bandicam is a good choice. It provides some specific features for gamers, including a game FPS overlay and control that streamers may especially appreciate if they want to stream faster. 

Record desktop screen with Bandicam


  • A user-friendly interface
  • Capable of recording games at 60 FPS without lagging
  • A webcam recorder uses graphics to record HD video sessions


  • There is a version only for Windows
  • No editing tools
  • The free version has a watermark

#3. Debut Video Capture

Compatibility: Windows

Debut Video Capture is a relatively new free desktop screen recorder, but it looks like a powerful program. It can perform many more tasks than just capturing the battlefield of your PC screen. The plus of this desktop screen recorder is there are no time limits or watermarks. It can record footage from external devices, including laptop webcams or surveillance cameras. You can use it to record on regular scheduling, so it became the heart of your home security system. 

Debut Video Capture - desktop screen recorder


  • Scheduled recordings
  • Recording from IP cameras


  • Look a little dated
  • No editing tools
  • Don't support sharing on YouTube or Facebook

#4. FlashBack Express

Compatibility: Windows

Flashback Express represents a free version of a paid program, but it doesn't put any watermark over your capture video. There are no time limits of the desktop screen recording, and its features can be compared to many premium applications. The interface is simple, so it's more convenient for beginners. The recorded video can be enhanced with a simple editor. You can crop or trim the video, then export it to YouTube or an FTP server. The recorder can automatically blur passwords, you enter on the screen, to hide unnecessary desktop icons, or highlight your mouse pointer.

Desktop screen recorder - FlashBack Express


  • Well designed interface
  • Different output video formats
  • It can record from a screen or a webcam


  • Some tools are paid-only
  • Video editor feel basic
  • The app looks a bit outdated

#5. OBS Studio

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux

As one of the more advanced and free-to-use desktop screen recorders, OBS Studio is open-source and allows unlimited full-screen recording. It provides live streaming during the recording, which gamers will like a lot. Unlike the popular FRAPS (which lets you record only for 30 seconds), OBS Studio is completely free to use without restrictions. You can stream live to Twitch or YouTube, to save your video projects, or encode your recorded video in FLV format. 

Record desktop screen with OBS Studio


  • HD streaming and recording
  • No restrictions on video length
  • Open source and ad-free


  • Setup takes a little while 

#6. Screencast-O-Matic

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, ChromeOS (in browser)

Screencast-O-Matic is a free desktop screen recorder, but recordings are limited to 15 minutes. While recording, you can use the zoom feature to enlarge the important content. The recorded video clips can be trim, you can add captions or save the file to your PC, or export it to YouTube or the cloud. 

Desktop screen recording software - Screencast-O-Matic


  • Free to use and user-friendly
  • One-click uploading to YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • A built-in speech-to-text feature


  • Only the paid versions include editing tools
  • The maximum length of 15 minutes
  • A full-screen recording is a paid feature

#7. ShareX

Compatibility: Windows

ShareX is open-source software, which can be used for capturing desktop screen or record a video. It can capture an entire scrolling webpage, capture and identify text via OCR, and even records the screen according to a schedule you made. You can share your clips on social media sites. Unfortunately, ShareX doesn't support taking screen grabs or recordings from games running in full-screen mode. Other than that, it's a superb screen recorder that will serve you extremely well.

Desktop screen recorder - ShareX


  • Capture as a video file or GIF
  • Dozens of export options Identify text via OCR
  • Scheduling a screen recording
  • No watermark on your recorded videos


  • Not suitable for games
  • The interface is too complicated

#8. Screen Recorder Pro For Win10

Compatibility: Windows 10

The integrated application is useful for capturing your desktop screen, your webcam alongside the audio. You can choose to record an active window, a separate application, or parts of your screen. It allows you to capture the clicks of your mouse or how you type on your keyboard. Additionally, the software allows you to mix voices recorded from the microphone and the speaker output. You can save the video clip in MOV, MKV, AVI, MP4, and GIF format.

Desktop screen recorder - Screen Recorder Pro for Win10


  • Recording with/without Mouse Cursor
  • Capturing specific screen areas or a single window and application
  • Recoding the voice from the microphone or speaker


  • The output directory cannot be set to the root directory of the C drive
  • The editor is very basic
  • You can't make backup or recovery your recording

#9. ScreenApp.IO

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Ubuntu

If you have to record your screen and don't want a comprehensive application, you can use the online tool ScreenApp.IO. It's a web-based screen recorder and works fast as a simple capturing tool. It's free to use and doesn't impose any limitations. You can record videos of any length, and you can choose to either record the entire screen, application window, or a browser tab. You can save recordings to your computer within seconds. 

Desktop screen recorder


  • Free to use and without any limitations
  • Fast launching, you don't need to make a registration
  • Simple UI works on all platforms


  • Very basic video editing like trimming
  • Slow performance for big files
  • There is no cloud storage for recorded videos


The desktop screen recorder can be performed by many free-to-use applications. Depending on your computer OS and hardware resources, you can choose software with basic features or a more comprehensive application. The captured video can be used for quite different tasks at work, schools, online training, or game community. This guide demonstrates the main features of 9 free desktop screen recorder software, including pros and cons. Among them, the best choice for Windows 10 users is EaseUS RecExperts. This brand new application will help professional users, as well as novices or game enthusiasts.

EaseUS RecExperts

One-click to capture anything on screen!

No Time Limit, No watermark

Start Recording

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