Top 6 Gyazo Alternative on Windows/Mac & How-to Tutorial

This post introduces 6 different Gyazo alternatives on Windows and Mac. By looking at their core functionalities and features, choose one of them to achieve your task.

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Gyazo is a screencast software to help take screenshots of the video and also capture the video with sound. It is mainly used for taking a screenshot, so some of you might think it lacks advanced functions in recording the screen or webcam. To choose a better video capture software, follow this post to know more details. 

Top 6 Gyazo Alternative: 

Top 6 Gyazo Alternative on Windows/Mac

To find one capture software like Gyazo, you can choose one of the below recorders. 

Top 1. EaseUS RecExperts (Windows/macOS)

The first Gyazo alternative is EaseUS RecExperts, the beneficial and practical screen recorder for common users. Similar with Gyazo, it takes a screenshot and capture video in GIF. Also, it can record screen with internal/external audio. Better than Gyazo, it has a more clear interface, so you can find the function easily. 

recorder interface

What's more, it is functional in changing the settings for output video and audio. For example, you can set the output format, quality, and frame rate for video. Moreover, it changes the audio's output format, bitrate, and sampling rate as well. If you like the hotkeys for operations, it can set them as well. 

EaseUS RecExperts

Top 2. ShareX (Windows)

Like Gyazo, ShareX is an open source screen recorder. It is mainly used to capture the screen and take a screenshot. Featured with many useful tools, ShareX provides users with convenience to deal with their videos and screenshots. If you want to use it to record the screen, it's easy to choose the full screen, active window, and custom region of the screen. What's more, it can capture videos in GIF format. 

sharex alternative tools

Key Features:

Top 3. Greenshot (Windows/macOS)

Greenshot is also a free and open source screenshot for Windows and Mac users. For taking a screenshot, you can choose the selected region, window, full screen, and even capture scrolling screenshot with it. After that, you can annotate and highlight the screenshot with ease. Better that Gyazo, it has various ways to export the screenshot, including saving to the file, copying to the clipboard, attaching to email, etc. 

greenshot capture screen

Key Features:

  • Able to annotate the screenshots with ease
  • Capable of creating screenshots with selected region
  • Record and take a snapshot with custom hotkey

Top 4. PicPick (Windows)

PicPick is the best Gyazo alternative in terms of taking screenshots. It can take full-screen screenshot, active window, and screenshot for scrolling window. After taking the screenshot, it becomes the clipboard to edit the images with many tools. You can add frame and watermark to the images. 

picpick screenshot tool

Key Features:

  • Choose full screen, active window, and scrolling window to capture
  • Able to add effects to the screenshots
  • Take a partial screenshot on Windows
  • Resize, rotate, and add stamps to images

Top 5. Loom (Windows/macOS)

Known as recording the screen and camera, Loom can be used on desktop, mobile apps or Chrome. It can record screen, camera, microphone and internal audio with ease. Also, it is able to save recorded videos to the cloud and even share them with a link. Meanwhile, you can use emoji reactions and interactive features to recorded videos to increase engagement. 

loom alternative

Key Features:

  • Aim to capture quick vides of the screen and webcam
  • Best free and cross-platform Gyazo alternative
  • Connect devices to recording the screen

Top 6. Icecream Screen Recorder (Windows/macOS)

As an easy-to-use and free video recording software, Icecream screen recorder records custom area of the screen and makes it a screenshot like Gyazo. Better than Gyazo, it has drawing tools to take notes. Besides, it captures game screen with ease, so you can make gameplay videos with internal and external sound. 

Icesream screen recorder


Bonus Tips: What is Gyazo & How-to Screenshot

Here are more related information to know about Gyazo.

1. What is Gyazo?

As an open source screencast tool, Gyazo can capture image, video, and GIF with microphone or system audio. Also, it can capture replay easily. After taking the screenshot, you can upload the screenshot to the web. 

gyazo settings

2. How to screenshot with Gyazo?

Firstly, download Gyazo from the official website. The location is Then, open it and you can start capturing video or taking a screenshot. However, before starting, you can right click mouse and choose "Settings" to set hotkeys or choose the width and height for images. Also, the audio resources can be chosen. 

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