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There are many wonderful stream videos that we can watch through Internet browsers, such as Chrome. What would you do when you want to save those video files to your computer? Ripping, recording, and downloading, which is the best method to solve that problem? We recommend recording flash video as the best one for many reasons. This post will give you the answer to that question: how to record flash video easily? And we will introduce some powerful flash video recorders as well.

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Jane Zhou Updated on Nov 08, 2022| min read

Fascinating videos are all over there when we are browsing popular video hosting sites or social platforms. But if you want to download those videos from a website, it seems too hard to find a "Record" or "Download" button.

When you badly need a video for personal collection or further editing, you have an alternative way. You can capture flash video from the website by recording it in optimal quality and download the recordings to your computer.

This post will walk you through how to record flash video and download it. Follow those step-by-step tutorials to save the flash videos you like.

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How to Record Flash Video from Chrome on Windows and Mac 

Applies to Windows and macOS

Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers on the Windows and macOS systems. Some of us are accustomed to using it every day, but not everyone is clear about the best way to record streaming flash videos in Chrome. 

First of all, you need to choose a powerful screen recording tool, such as EaseUS RecExperts. This versatile screen recorder has three main recording functions, including "Record Screen," "Record Audio," and "Record Webcam".

Its functionality enables you to record part of the screen or record the full screen as you want. If you need a YouTube recorder to download videos, it is definitely qualified to help you save them. In addition to that, the Task Scheduler enables you to start the recording automatically at a certain time. 

Key Features:

If you want to capture flash video streams from websites, this flash video recorder is a great choice for you since it's straightforward for beginners to use. Download it and follow this tutorial to save flash videos on chrome.

Tutorial of Recording Flash Video with EaseUS RecExperts: (here we take recording on Windows as an example)

Step 1. Launch the EaseUS screen recorder, and click on the "Online Video" button that looks like a small TV on the left panel.

Launch EaseUS RecExperts

Step 2. Here you can see popular streaming sites, like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Hulu, etc., and choose your desired one. If you cannot find the streaming site you want here, click on the "+" button.

Choose streaming site

Then, a pop-up window will appear, and select the "Restart" option.

Restart RecExperts

Step 3. After restarting this program, you need to select the recording area, audio source, webcam devices, or more according to your needs. Then, click on the REC button to start the video recording. 

Start video recording

To pause or stop the recording, you can choose the corresponding button on the floating toolbar.

Stop recording

Step 4. When the recording is over, you can preview the recorded videos with the built-in media player easily and quickly.

View recordings

How to Download Flash Videos from Websites on Mac 

For Mac users, there is a wonderful open-source recording tool that can help you capture streaming videos called VLC Media Player. Despite its name as a player, it can play many other roles in our daily lives. For instance, you can use it as a video editor, a format converter, and even a video recorder. 

This all-in-one program supports the most popular formats of video, audio, and image so that you can use it to play files in MKV, FLV, WMV, SWF, and other formats with ease. While playing a video, you can record it with only a few clicks. 

Features of VLC Media Player: 

  • No spyware or tracking
  • Fully customizable
  • Free to use

record flash video vlc player

Method of Downloading Flash Video with VLC:

This guide will lead you to use the powerful Adobe screen video capture tool to save what you want.

Step 1. launch the program, click the "File" menu, and select the "Open Network Stream..." option. 

Step 2. Paste the URL of the video in the designated field and tick the "Streaming/Saving" option.

Step 3. Click the red Record button to start capturing the video. Click it again when you want to stop recording.

Step 4. Click the "Media" button and choose Open Recent Media. Now, you can record the recordings on your computer.

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How to Record Streaming Video on Mac

Since the VLC player can only offer some basic tools in recording videos, you can use some other flash video recorders to record the streaming Adobe videos you like.

record flash video on Mac

How to Save Flash Videos by Recording on Android 

It's not a simple task for you to utilize this pre-installed recording tool on Android since the steps to record streaming flash videos with it are complex and troublesome. You need to enter your PIN or passcode, go to Developer Options, and choose feature flags. Luckily, a versatile alternative, which is named AZ Screen Recorder, is available. 

This application can record everything that happens on your Android phone screen without having the device rooted. Its simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy, even for beginners. With it, you can download any flash video you want to save on your mobile phone.

Features of AZ Screen Recorder:

  • Record internal sound (from Android 10)
  • Record gameplay with external sound
  • Help you record the screen as GIF
  • Transfer recorded videos and screenshots to your computer through WiFi

record flash videos az screen recorder

How to Download Flash Video By Recording on Android:

How to download flash videos from websites easily on Android? The guide below will walk you through that.

Step 1. Launch the AZ Screen Recorder. Tap the gear icon to adjust the recording settings, such as recording resolution, frame rate, and bit rate.

Step 2. Back to the home page. Start playing the flash video that you want to record. 

Step 3. Tap the red camera shutter icon to record the part you need. Use your phone like normal until you're ready to stop recording.

Step 4. Pull down the notification shade, and choose "PAUSE," "STOP," "DRAW" options according to your requirements. 

How to Rip Flash Video from Chrome Online  

Though online tools usually have fewer functions, it works well in flash video capture. Veed. io is a multifunctional online flash video capture tool. You can select among eight layouts, including Webcam, Background swap, Background blur, Screen, and so on. To record streaming videos, you'd better choose the "Screen" layout.

After your recording, the powerful online editing tools can help you customize the result. You can add subtitles, create overlays, cut between scenes, and much more. Because of those functions, you are allowed to create product demos, walkthrough videos, annotated videos, and so on.

Features of Veed. io:

  • Review your screen capture instantly
  • Capture video from your screen and webcam simultaneously
  • Many elements are available, like progress bars, Emojis, and sound waves
  • No need for an account 

record flash video online veed

How to Rip Adobe Flash Video Online:

If you want to rip flash video without installing any software, this recorder can meet your needs.

Step 1. Select the screen from our list of layouts and accept the browser with the necessary permissions. 

Step 2. Start playing the flash video you want to download. Click the red button to capture it. 

Step 3. Click that red button again to stop the recording. Then click "Edit" if you need it. Or you can choose "Download" to save your video directly.

Step 4. If you edit the recording file, choose "Export" to save the recorder video. 


As discussed above, there are different answers to how to download a flash video from a website. According to our analysis above, it's evident that the most efficient and full-featured flash video recorder is EaseUS RecExperts. You can record flash video, audio, webcam, and gameplay as quickly as possible with its help.

If you want to record Adobe flash video, don't miss those Adobe flash player recorders we mentioned above. Download and have a try. 

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