Best Online Screen Recorder for Multiple Recording Tasks

This online video recorder helps to record any screen or window with audio, share your Chrome tabs, or capture any activity with a camera free on browsers. No downloads, installs, or plugins are required! Compatible with Windows PCs, Mac, iPhone or Android devices, it's an ideal choice for any video creator like educators, freelancers, influencers, or business staff. The Chrome screen recorder is free but the quality is guaranteed. Try this free online video recorder, and start your recording now. Don't forget to share your brilliant work on social media.

Screen Recording

Capture the entire screen for all activities on your browser & computer desktop

Window Recording

Select any window on the screen and only record a video of an area at a fixed size.

Webcam Recording

Record picture-in-picture videos with a webcam at a customized background.

Audio Recording

Record any sound from the system or microphone.

How to Record Screen Online Free

Free. Simple. Only 3 steps are needed! Let's show you how to record online screens.

Step 1: Setup
Choose your recording: full screen, webcam, or audio recording. Allow your browser to access the webcam, system sound, or microphone. Set up your advanced capture options.
Step 2: Recording
Click the "Starting Recording" button to start your online recording for free. Count down three seconds before it really begins. No extra actions are needed.
Step 3: Save, Export, and Review
Click the "Stop" button to end your recording. Export the video in WebM format at a fixed resolution, and download the recorded video to a local disk. Review the video on your PC.

Compare Online Screen Recorder with Desktop Screen Recorder

Need more recording options beyond the free online screen recorder? You have the option to get much more out of the desktop screen recorder which offers much more advanced features.

Resolution supported

Full screen recording

Window recording

Chrome tab recording

Region screen recording

Webcam-only recording

Game-only recording

Encrypted video recording

Record Netflix/Amazon Prime/Disney video

Audio-only recording

Schedule recording

Replace webcam background

Auto-stop & auto-split

Video editing

Audio editing

Compress video

Microphone boost & noise reduction

Output format

EaseUS RecExperts

Online Screen Recorder

Up to 4K/8K

WebM only

Best Value

EaseUS RecExperts

Desktop Screen Recorder

Up to 4K/8K

Any format:

Download Screen Recorder for More Advanced Recordings

When you download the desktop version, you get more features to level up your recordings in addition to those in the web app

Record Mode

Recording Feature

Video/Audio Editing


Smart Recording

Recording Online Is Simple & Free for Everyone

Record Online Meetings

Video calls are a quite common routine. Online meeting recordings make things much easier for after-call review, follow-up, meeting sharing, training, legal, or any other purposes. This free online screen recorder could do a good job to record Zoom meetings, or other conferences via meeting apps like Google Meet, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, Whereby, or GoToMeeting.

Record Online Meetings

Record Online Video Tutorial

How to record a tutorial video to make an instruction? It's quite easy with an online screen recorder for free in 3 steps for more engaging training session recordings. Open a web browser, like Chrome, choose the recording mode to get started, and download the recorded videos. During this, you can turn on your camera, position yourself, and make it look like an on-site live webinar.

Record Online Video Tutorial

Record Streaming Videos Online

Want to save your favorite videos and movies that are streaming on social websites like YouTube and TikTok? It's possible to record them. A screen recorder for Chrome helps to record the video and capture any YouTube video/audio for free when they are live shows on the internet.

Record Streaming Videos Online

Record Chrome Tab with Audio

The online screen recorder is not only a video recorder for Chrome free but also a web audio recorder to capture screens with audio online on the Chrome browser. Select the Chrome tab you'd like to record, capture the audio from your open tab, and start the on-screen recording.

Record Chrome Tab with Audio

Record Online Game

It’s really inspiring the way things turn out to be for gamers to record and share wonderful gameplay, tips, and tricks. What you need is a free online screen recorder tool. Just make sure the basics are covered, including recording your gameplay online to be uploaded on the internet. Now online record gameplay, and upload highlights on YouTube simply.

Record Online Game

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best online screen recorder for me to record my screen online?

The best online screen recorder should offer high-quality video recording, an easy-to-use interface, and flexible editing and output options. The top option in this category is EaseUS RecExperts, which is exclusively for browser recording, video recording, audio recording, and full/partial screen recording on PC and Mac.

How do I record my computer screen without downloading any screen recorder app?

Your requirement of not downloading any screen recorder app to record a computer screen refers to a web-based online screen recorder. EaseUS RecExperts offers an online version that lets users record full or partial screen on a PC and Mac.

Do you know any free online screen recorder with audio no time limit or watermark?

EaseUS RecExperts - Free Online Screen Recorder allows you to make free screen recordings with no time limit. No time limit and no watermark at all.

Any free screen recorder for YouTubers to record their screen?

EaseUS RecExperts is a free screen recording tool that allows you to record videos on YouTube and other platforms. Among free video capture services, many users consider it one of the best YouTube recording software. It offers intuitive and high-performance screen capturing features accompanied by audio mixing capabilities.

Is there a free voice recorder that has unlimited recording time?

EaseUS screen recorder is also a great audio recorder to allow you to record voice, music, system sound and any other audio easily without time limit.

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