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Hello everyone! I am a game novice, and I do not know how to choose a better one for me between Nintendo and PS5. Can you give me some suggestions? Moreover, I want to record some highlights when playing games in the future, can you tell me how I can record fantastic videos and share them with my friends?

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Jean· Answered on Mar 08, 2024

Hi there! In response to your question: Should I get a Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5? As a game lover, I would like to share some experience of buying a suitable and excellent gaming console with you. Your gaming tastes and financial situation will ultimately determine whether you choose a PlayStation 5 or a Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch is famous for its adaptability, which can enable you to play on your TV at home or as a portable device while on the move. Its many exclusive games, like "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" and "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," appeal to various players, including families and casual gamers. On the other hand, the Switch's hardware is not as strong as the PlayStation 5's, so you might be unable to experience the newest, most advanced visuals and performance.

As for the PS5, its powerful features can provide excellent images and quick loading time. Therefore, it has a strong lineup of exclusive games, such as "Spider-Man: Miles Morales" and "Demon's Souls, which appeal to die-hard players seeking a more engaging experience. However, compared to the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 5 costs more, and because of its increased demand, it can be more difficult to locate in stock.

If you want to record game highlights when playing gameplay, it is suggested that you choose an excellent screen recorder: EaseUS RecExperts. It can be compatible with Windows and macOS systems. As a game recorder, you can use it to record gameplay without any lag and no FPS drop. When recording, you can choose the full screen or partial screen. Moreover, it can also help you record the webcam and system audio.

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