Hi guys, I'm looking for some screen recording & screen capture tools for my Windows 10. I need it to make some short recordings and beautify some screenshots. I google it, and there are many; I don't know which one is the best. So what's your favorite one?

- From Reddit

Many people want to record whatever is interesting on their screen when using a Windows 10 computer, just like this Reddit user above. With a proper recorder, you can capture anything that is happening on your PC screen, along with audio and webcam. But it is not that easy to find a good one. We tested the screen recorder Windows 10 users may need and selected the best 13 in this review. Let's dive in!

Windows 10 screen recorder

Ⅰ. How to Choose High-Quality Screen Recorder for Windows 10

Since many people don't know how to choose a high-quality screen recorder for Windows 10 computers, we share some tips and standards here.

💻Compatibility: The first thing you need to pay attention to is whether a tool is compatible with your device or not. Maybe you are using a 32-bit computer; maybe you are using a 64-bit one. Whatever, you need to choose the screen recorder that is compatible with your PC.

🎧Audio quality: Recording quality is not just about picture definition. It is also essential to give your audience a screen recording from which everyone can hear clearly what the speaker is saying. Therefore, choose a screen recorder that can properly record system audio and microphone sound.

🔴Recording mode: You may need to capture not only the screen but also the mic and webcam. Thus, it's best to choose a screen recorder that can do all of these simultaneously or separately.

✅Advanced function: Sometimes, you can't stop what you are doing to start recording. For instance, you don't want to stop the game from playing to launch a screen recorder. In this case, you can choose a screen recorder offering automatic or schedule recording.

🔏File safety: If you need to share your recordings but don't want others to profit from your recording, you will need a screen recording tool to put your watermark on the recording.

💯Recording performance: It is possible that the screen turns black during screen recording. However, it definitely affects the recording quality. Therefore, it is better to choose a screen recorder Windows 10 computer can use without a black screen or any lag.

Based on the standards above, we ran a test on the most popular screen recorders for Windows 10 users. And here is a table showing the important testing results and related data.

🎈How many tested 22
🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻Tested on Windows 10 PCs, 32-bit and 64-bit
⏺️Recording modes Full screen/customized area/window recording
📽️Capture style Manual and automatic
🔖Recording quality Up to 4K
🥇Most recommended EaseUS RecExperts

After testing, we suggest you download and use EaseUS RecExperts. It can record the screen/mic/system sound/webcam/gameplay on Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 with one click in up to 4K resolution. Manual and automatic recording are both supported. You can also add a watermark to or edit the recording afterward. What are you waiting for? Download it from the button below right now!

Ⅱ. Free Windows 10 Screen Recorders No Download

In the following, you will learn 5 excellent screen recorders for Windows 10 that require no installation or download.

#1. EaseUS Online Screen Recorder

🎨Best for: Novice users who want to record high-quality videos online without watermarks.

EaseUS Online Screen Recorder is EaseUS' premium and completely free online screen recorder based on screen recording software that helps users to screen record on Windows 10 with audio. No need to download or install any plugins; just open the web and start your video creation.

easeus online screen recorder

Users can select the desired recording area, choose the audio source, and enable webcam recording. The features offered by this free online tool are extremely novice-friendly, allowing them to control the content captured easily. 

The most special point is that EaseUS Online Screen Recorder supports 4k/8k video resolutions, so any user needing to record high-quality videos, such as record Zoom meetings or online courses, can have a great recording experience with this free tool.


  • Totally free online tool without any watermark.
  • Offers high video quality, up to 4K/8K.
  • Record screen and webcam synchronously
  • Equally friendly to professionals and novices


  • Online video editing function is not available
👨‍🎓Product Review
As an easy-to-use online screen recorder, it has many helpful features and advantages. It can help users capture screen, audio, and webcam videos easily and operably. - from Jean


🔗Want to get more recording tips? Click here to learn about how to screen record on Windows 10

#2. Loom

🎨Best for: Beginners who need to take fast screenshots and record videos on the PC screen.

Loom is one of the best screen recorders for Chrome, Windows, and Mac users. Users can add it to the Chrome extension and then use it to record full screen on Windows 10 with ease. Videos will be automatically copied to the clipboard, and users can share videos via links. In the extension version, it's even easier and faster to record screen actions on Windows 10.

Best free screen recoring software Windows 10

As a Chrome extension, its most notable advantage is probably no downloading. However, we all know that a stable internet connection is crucial to make online tools work. Therefore, if you have stable internet and don't want to download anything, you may try this tool on your Windows 10 computer.


  • Easy to use and has no time limit
  • Share videos via links
  • Embed with HTML code
  • Support Chrome extension


  • Video files can only be saved as MP4
  • No video editing functions
👨‍🎓Product Review
Loom is the fastest and easiest way to record your screen and turn that into a public video, though you might already be paying for tools that do essentially the same thing. - from PC Magazine

#3. Screencastify

🎨Best for: Educators who need to conduct online assessments, classroom management, or teaching presentations.

Screencastify is one of the most well-known Windows 10 screen recorder extensions for Chrome, providing users with simple and useful recording capabilities to record the full screen, browser, any window, or webcam. 


Screencastify has an extremely simple interface and offers a variety of tools so that people can add text, draw patterns or highlight during recording. Its most important feature is its high level of interactivity, allowing users to share videos in a variety of ways, and its integration with Google Classroom, making it especially suitable for educators or professionals.


  • Supports all common video formats.
  • Offers a user-friendly UI with simple controls.
  • The great blend of features allows users to get more creative space.


  • The free version is limited to exporting 5-minute-long edited videos.
  • Lack of advanced customization.
👨‍🎓Product Review
Using the product was very helpful. Recording tutorials are made easy with tools accessible on the side. Thanks a lot, Screencastify. - from GetApp

#4. Clipchamp

🎨Best for: Both beginners and pros who want to make complex recordings

Clipchamp is another screen recorder for Windows 10. Using it, you can record your screen and edit the footage in a single browser. Apart from screen recording, it also offers many professional editing tools to tell your stories. You can trim and clip your recordings, add interesting filters and overlays to enhance your recorded footage.

Free screen recorder Windows 10

Clipchamp offers many editing features, including adding texts, logos, transitions, etc. From the interface, we can see that maybe video editing is its real point. The recording function is relatively weaker than its editing function. Therefore, if you just need a basic screen recording tool, you can have a try on it.


  • No more downloading or switching between programs
  • Capture audio from both your computer and microphone
  • Basic and advanced editing tools


  • Users can only record 30 minutes
  • Mainly focus on the editing function
👨‍🎓Product Review
Clipchamp is a great video editor and recorder if you're creating social media assets, videos for your business, or you're jumping into content creation for the first time. - from TechRadar

#5. ScreenApp

🎨Best for: Professionals who need online screen recording while seeking advanced features

ScreenAppis one of the best online free screen recorders that can bring you all the basic screen recording functions, including recording desktop, webcam, microphone and system audio, and so on, with no limitation on recording time. 


In addition to the basic recording functions, ScreenApp can better meet the needs of professionals with more advanced functions and support flexible use in multiple scenarios. It can convert video to written documents so that users can record meetings, and classroom content more easily. Also, it supports GPT AI technology to help users improve work efficiency and streamline workflow.


  • Unlimited recordings.
  • Transcribe videos from speech to text.
  • Supports automatic schedule recording.


  • The free version has limited features.
  • No video editing function.
👨‍🎓Product Review
Overall, I see real value in using Screenapp to gain deeper insights into my team's conversations.- From GetApp

Ⅲ. Good Windows 10 Screen Recorders That Require Free Download

Then, here comes the screen recorders for Windows 10 that need downloading and installation.

#1. EaseUS RecExperts

🎨Best for: Beginners who need to create simple screenshots or short videos at home.

EaseUS RecExperts is an easy screen recorder to record any area of your Windows 10 screen. Users can use it to record apps and games, video tutorials, webinars, live streams, Skype calls, etc. Besides, it also supports multi-screen capture along with audio and webcam. The video quality it records is up to 4K.

EaseUS RecExperts

This automatic screen recorder for Windows 10 is worth recommending thanks to its clear interface, easy recording operation, and customizable settings. The only setback is that you need to download and install it from the official website first. But the outstanding performance of it will repay the effort.


  • Record the full screen or part of the screen
  • Capture mic, system audio, and webcam if needed
  • Schedule recording to start automatically
  • Edit and manage multiple recordings easily


  • Downloading and installation are needed
  • Not compatible with the oldest Windows OS
👨‍🎓Product Review
EaseUS RecExperts isn't the cheapest screen recording software around, but it boasts a wide range of features like 4k resolution, 60 fps recording, and audio capture. - from TechRadar

#2. Screen Recorder Pro For Win10

🎨Best for: Windows users who want to record various screen activities easily.

Screen Recorder Pro for Win10 is a screen recording software that is completely free and does not require you to subscribe to a premium service. It is designed to provide Windows users with all the basic recording features that allow them to record their computer desktop activities simply and easily. 

screen recorder pro for win10

But this software also has enough features to allow Windows users to perform a higher-quality recording process, such as recording the part of screen, capturing applications, exporting video files in different formats, etc.


  • Supports multiple formats
  • Easy to use and novice friendly
  • Free to use but with comprehensive recording features
  • Support screenshots


  • Windows only
  • Outdated UI
  • The output directory cannot be set as C:\
👨‍🎓Product Review
This Screen recorder lets me use it infinitely without spending any money easy 5 stars! - from Microsoft Store

#3. OBS Studio

🎨Best for: Artists or amateurs who need to record screen video or record and process audio sounds.

OBS Studio is a professional, free Windows 10 video recording software for users to take real-time video capturing. It allows users to capture the entire display screen, webcam, and also microphone. Besides screen capturing, OBS Studio supports audio capturing and mixing. It also helps you rearrange the layout as you like or pop out each Dock to its window.

OBS Studio

As an open-source screen recording tool, the best thing about it is that it is totally free to use. Many people also use it to stream content. It is no doubt that this tool has strong functions. However, many novices find it difficult to figure out. Therefore, it is recommended mainly for those who have related skills.


  • Completely free and open source
  • Support recording full screen, windows, region, webcam, microphone, etc.
  • Stream to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Support to customize the layout like scenes, sources, Mixer, etc.


  • A little difficult for the novices
  • It costs time to figure it out
👨‍🎓Product Review
OBS Studio is a powerful program that doesn't make too much of an impact on your PC's performance. It is not a tool that just starts up and works, however. It requires time to understand how it works and how to get the most out of it, and the patience to learn how to troubleshoot when things don't work as expected. - from PCWorld

#4. Bandicam

🎨Best for: Beginners and amateurs to take high-resolution screen recording videos.

Bandicam is a powerful screen recorder software for Windows that can capture everything on your PC screen. It also supports recording an area, recording games, applications, etc. With it, you can carry out a screen capture with a high compression ratio and keep video quality close to the original work. It even supports you to record external video devices, including webcam, Xbox, Playstation, smartphone, etc.


The interface of this screen recorder is simple, novices can handle it without much effort. However, if you want to record the screen as a video file, remember that only MP4 and AVI formats are supported. If you don't mind this limitation, Bandicam is a good option.


  • Support full screen, region, webcam, and microphone recording
  • Record 4K UHD resolution video
  • Support drawing, add text, and take screenshots while recording
  • Add mouse click effect and animations while recording


  • Limited video output formats
  • No built-in video editor
👨‍🎓Product Review
Bandicam is a good screen recorder for Windows users. It performs well in almost all screen recording activities, especially capturing gameplay... - Bandicam review

#5. CamStudio

🎨Best for: Users who do not need complicated screen recording and editing features

CamStudio is a powerful Windows 10 screen recording software that allows users to record their computer screen activities and produce high-quality video output. This software is equipped with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use and navigate.


It allows users to record their mouse movements, keyboard inputs, and audio inputs simultaneously, making it possible to create comprehensive video tutorials, demos, and presentations. Besides, this software also comes with customizable screen capture options, enabling users to select the specific area of the screen they want to record. With its advanced video recording capabilities, CamStudio is an excellent tool for recording online courses, gameplays, and live streams.


  • Provide various advanced recording tools
  • Let you adjust the quality of your output recordings flexibly
  • Support customizing cursor
  • Make it possible to record screen and webcam at the same time


  • Lack of animation and interactive features
  • Only export recordings in AVI format
👨‍🎓Product Review
Compare with other open-source tools such as OBS Studio and VLC Media Player, CamStudio is the simple software to record screen and audio. Its small and friendly interface lets you understand all functions involved clearly... - CamStudio review

#6. Icecream Screen Recorder

🎨Best for: Users who need to rework their video content after recording meetings, gameplay, and so on.

Icecream Screen Recorder is currently a very well-loved screen recording software by young people. Besides its great UI design, the features that Icecream Screen Recorder can offer are the main reason why it has become popular.

icecream screen recorder

It allows users to easily capture the content on the screen, whether it is the whole screen or a selected area. When you need to add narration to the recording process, this excellent tool provides you with strong support for audio recording. At the same time, Icecream Screen Recorder offers a set of user-friendly annotation tools to work with the video, allowing you to enrich your video creations in another way.


  • Offers basic video editing capabilities.
  • Allows to adjust the output video quality.
  • Supports scheduled tasks.


  • The free version has restrictions on recording time and watermarking.
👨‍🎓Product Review
The product was great because it taught me how to do screen recordings for the first time. It was easy to use and quite addictive once I got the hang of it. - from Capterra

#7. Debut Video Capture Software

🎨Best for: Beginners who need to capture videos and add simple video effects.

As another popular Windows 10 screen recording software is Debut Video Capture Software. It supports you in recording your screen, webcam, and even capturing videos from other external devices. Moreover, you can also use it as a video editor to add color, video effects, captions, etc., to the recorded video.

Debut Video Caputer

If needed, you can even make mouse-highlighting spotlights, show keystrokes, and replace backgrounds with images or colors according to your needs. However, compared to other Windows 10 screen capture software, it is a little old-fashioned about the UI.


  • Capture video from a webcam, network IP camera, or external devices
  • Ability to show keystrokes in screen recordings
  • Add filters and captions, and customize the watermark to the video
  • Upload videos directly to YouTube, Vimeo, or Flickr


  • The UI is outdated
  • Limited video editing features
👨‍🎓Product Review
This free screen recorder is packed with tools you'd expect to find in premium software, including scheduled recordings and flexible output options. It's easy to use and reliable, and is a great choice if you're looking for a free app for making and backing up recordings from a home security camera. -from TechRadar

Ⅳ. For Windows 10/11 Only: Get Microsoft Free Screen Recorder

Does Windows 10 have a screen recorder itself? Many of you might want to find the answer, as it will be time-saving and safe to use a built-in Windows 10 screen recorder. In terms of this question, the answer is YES.

For Windows 10 and 11 OS, there is a built-in screen recorder called Xbox Game Bar. This freeware was designed originally for capturing game clips on PC, but now it is also can be used to record your computer screen on various occasions, including recording videos, creating demos, capturing online classes, etc. With its aid, you can record your Windows screen with the ease of a click because of the friendly UI and simple workflow.

However, this tool only offers basic and limited recording tools for simple recording tasks. If you want to record part of screen or create schedule recording tasks, you can choose to screen record on Windows 10 without Xbox

#1. Active Windows 10 Built-in Screen Recorder

To use this built-in screen recorder for Windows 10, you first need to find and enable it. Below is the step-by-step guide you can refer to:

Step 1. Hit the Windows logo key + I to open the Windows Settings.

Step 2. Click "Gaming" > "Game Mode" to enable the Game Mode.

Enable Xbox Game Bar

🔔If you use Windows 11, you can move to the official website to check the tutorial: Active Game Bar on Windows 11

#2. Record Windows 10 Screen with Xbox Game Bar

After activating the built-in Windows 10 screen recorder, it's time to use it to start your recording tasks:

Step 1. Open the application window or others you want to record, and close other unnecessary windows to avoid accidentally recording the wrong one.

Step 2. Press the "Windows" + "G" on your keyboard to launch the Xbox Game Bar.

hit Windows and G

Step 3. Then, you will see all of the widgets in the top navigation. To start your recording, choose the "Capture" button (or you can directly press Windows+ALT+R ).

record screen with xbox game bar

Step 4. If needed, you can also capture your microphone audio at the same time.

Step 5. To end your recording, just click the stop button in the Game Bar floating widget.


🔗Sometimes, the built-in Windows 10 screen recorder might stop working for some reason. At that time, you can click here to learn how to fix Windows 10 screen recorder not working

#3. Windows 10 Screen Recorder Shortcut

To complete recording tasks with Xbox Game Bar quickly, you can use the Shortcut keys to enhance your efficiency. Here is a table of built-in Windows 10 screen recorder's Shortcut: 

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Win + G     Launch Xbox Game Bar
Win +Alt +G  Record configuration
Win + Alt + R Start and Stop screen recording
Win + Alt + M Turn on/off the Microphone
Win + Alt + B  Start or pause the broadcast
Win + Alt + W Show the camera in broadcast
Win + Alt + PrtSc Take a screenshot with Game Bar

Ⅴ. What's the Best Screen Recorder for Windows 10 Without Watermark 

As you can see from our review, there are many excellent no-watermark Windows 10 screen recorder software that can help you complete your screen recording tasks effortlessly. But which one does suit your needs best? Let's summarize this post and present the results of our research in the following:

After testing a wide range of no watermark PC screen recorders, it was clear to us that the EaseUS screen recorder is the best solution for all levels of users, including the novice, professionals, heavy users, and more, because of its simple workflow and advanced tools provided. This program lets you record the screen in different modes, adjust the recording parameters for better recording, and even edit the recording to make them stand out. You can hit the below button to get it!

If you don't want to spend any money or have a low budget but still want to enjoy more advanced recording features, OBS Studio is your best bet. This open source screen recorder may not be very beginner-friendly, but its ability to capture screen can't be questioned.

If you use the screen recorder seldom, EaseUS Online Screen Recorder is your destination. It requires no download and installation, which can work directly in your browsers. You can rely on it to complete your most recording tasks with simple clicks.

Ⅵ. Windows 10 Screen Recorder FAQs

1. How do I record my screen with audio and video on Windows 10?

You can record your screen with audio and video on Windows 10 via some good screen recorder, such as EaseUS RecExperts. You only need to free download this software, run it on your Win10 PC, check the System sound or Microphone option, and hit the Record button. Then you can capture your screen with audio and video easily. 

Sure, if you are aiming to record the gameplay of your screen with audio and video, then you can rely on the Windows 10 built-in program - Xbox Game Bar. Once you press the Windows + G keys, the recording process will start now.

2. Why is my Windows 10 screen recorder not working?

The reasons why your Windows 10 screen recorder not working are shown below:

  • Screen recording permissions or microphone permissions have not been turned on.
  • The microphone volume is too low or disabled.
  • Your computer does not have enough memory for the video to be saved.
  • The computer system is faulty.
  • The graphics card driver is wrong.

Open the recording rights, restart the microphone, clear the storage space, update the graphics card driver, restart the computer, or try to use other screen recording software.

3. What is the best free screen recorder for PC?

The best free screen recorder for PC is EaseUS RecExperts. This is one of the most prominent screen capture tools available today, meeting all the demands of Windows and macOS users regarding screen recording capabilities. 

It has a wide range of recording modes, supporting users to record encrypted videos, gameplays, audio, and selected areas. It also has powerful features to meet the user's settings for custom recording. After the recording process, you can use it to modify, process, and compress the video and ask it to record the screen for you at a fixed time automatically.

4. How long can you screen record on Windows 10?

Simply put, the length of screen recording on Windows 10 depends on how many minutes the recording tool you are using allows you to record most often. 

Most free screen recording software has a recording time limit, such as the Xbox Game Bar built into Windows, which only allows users to record up to 30 minutes of video at a time. 

And if you are looking for unlimited screen recording time, you can choose a powerful recording tool and buy their pro version or subscribe to a premium service.

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