AnsweredCan You Stream Xbox on Discord🍃

How to stream Live on Discord from your Xbox One & Series X/S? Please show me the exact operations. Thanks.

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Melissa Lee· Answered on Feb 21, 2024

Can You Stream Xbox on Discord? Of course, you can!

On Windows PC:

  1. 1. Go to Settings > Devices & Connections > Remote Features > Power mode on your Xbox console.
  2. 2. Then, find Power mode and turn it to Instant-on.

On Android:

  1. 1. Before you stream your Xbox content, turn on Do Not Disturb to protect your privacy from ongoing messages, texts, emails, etc.
  2. 2. Pick a server you want to stream your content onto, then pick a Voice Channel.
  3. 3. Touch the red icon on the interface. Then, you will see a pop-up message: Start recording or casting with Discord?
  4. 4. Minimize Discord, and open up the Xbox app. Then, touch the icon next to the notification sign.
  5. 5. Touch Remote Play on this Device when a pop-up appears. Then, you can start streaming the games.

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