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Hello, everyone. I am going to be a podcaster. Can you tell me how to record a podcast using Skype like a pro? Or can you suggest what professional tool is more suitable for me? Any help is appreciated.

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Jean· Answered on Jan 05, 2024

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The preferred method for establishing communication between hosts and guests when podcasting is Skype. It makes it simple to record podcasts that appeal to a large audience.

Previously, Skype calls could be recorded, and the recordings could be utilized for podcasts and other things.

Step 1. During a Skype call, select "Record."

Step 2. To let everyone know that the call is being recorded, a message will be displayed.

Step 3. The recording can be stopped prior to the call ending, or it can be stopped when the call is finished automatically.

The recording of an audio-only call will be kept in an mp4 file format. Dragging it into your podcasting program, however, will turn it into an audio file. The information will be kept in your chat and available for 30 days. You can download and store the recording on your device for up to 30 days.

However, if you do not want to let Skype notify others that you are recording the sound, it is suggested that you choose another audio recording tool: EaseUS RecExperts. It is an excellent screen and audio recorder for most Windows and macOS devices users.

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Firstly, it has a sophisticated AI-powered noise remover, which can help you remove the background noise while you are recording the external sound. Moreover, it is a good 4K/8K video enhancer, which enables your videos to be clear in high quality. In addition, it will not notify others that you are recording the screen or the sound. Therefore, it is a good screen and audio recording software for most podcasters or YouTubers.

Now, let's use this audio recording tool to explore the entertainment of recording podcasts!

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