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Good day guys! I recently saved a media file sent by my friend. I want to play it, but my media player can not work. I found it is a MOV file, so what tool can play it? And what is MOV?

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I'm guessing that your friend uses an Apple device because MOV files are often found on Apple devices such as Macs, iPhones, and iPads. 

And because MOV files are the most common form of saving multimedia content on Apple systems, MOV files are one of the more popular video container formats. Each MOV file can contain video, audio, effects, text, subtitles, photos, and other media files.

However, unlike other video formats with high compatibility, many systems currently do not support MOV files, i.e., their built-in players cannot play MOV videos, as in your case. Therefore, if you want to play MOV files on your computer, you can only convert them to other formats or use a file player that can play MOV files.

🔥If you'd like to know what can play MOV files, check the list:

  • EaseUS RecExperts, Windows Media Player, MOV Viewer, QuickTime Player for Mac, VLC for Android, and KMPlayer.

I prefer you to use EaseUS RecExperts to play MOV files. Although this tool is essentially an excellent screen recorder, it can also have the capability of a video player thanks to its excellent feature set.

EaseUS RecExperts supports a wide range of media formats, including MOV, and it supports 4K/8K video recording, which corresponds to the fact that it is also an excellent 4K/8K media player.

Whether you want to play videos, capture desktop activities, trim videos, or take screenshots of the screen, EaseUS RecExperts can do it all well.

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