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Soap2Day is a free online streaming website. Users can watch free movies and TV shows without subscription fees. Then, what is TS in it? This post will explain to you what TS on Soap2Day is and whether it is better than other qualities.

TS Movie Quality Meaning

TS is the short form of Telesync. A telesync is a film recorded on a professional camera. Most cameras used to make modern telesyncs run at 24 FPS to reduce artifacts compared to the 60 FPS old cameras. Although the quality of telesyncs improves along with the development of technology, the best telesyncs are lossy and will be inferior in quality to direct rips from Blu-ray and DVD. Therefore, the TS on Soap2Day usually indicates the video quality on Soap2Day.

TS vs. CAM Quality

To put it simply, TS means CAM video with LINE audio. Therefore, TS can be considered a higher-quality type of CAM. Compared to CAM, TS has the potential for better-quality audio and video. The main difference between a CAM and a TS is that the audio of a TS is captured with a direct connection to the sound source, while a CAM is not. Also, a CAM is often mislabeled as a telesync.

TS vs. CAM

Is TS Better Than HD?

Generally speaking, HDTS has superior quality. However, a garbage HDTS can be worse than a good HDCAM of equal resolution. Genuine HDTC is a copy of the movie, which is copied directly from the film reel. Since HDTC is taken from a direct source, the end result is objectively superior. Some people also think audio and video quality is roughly equal to a DVD.

The Bottom Line

We gave you a simple explanation of TS and the comparison between TS, CAM, and HD. We hope you know the basics of TS. If you find this post helpful, please share it with more people!


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