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YouTube is a great platform for sharing videos and short content. However, as it is easy to reprint or carry other people's videos, creators sometimes can't seize video ownership. In this case, a watermark can avoid many troubles. What size should a YouTube watermark be? Let's dive in!

Recommended YouTube Watermark Size

The YouTube video watermark maximum size, or the ideal YouTube watermark size, is 150 x 150 pixels. The most recommended watermark should be square-shaped and smaller than 1 MB in size. We suggest you use a common image format to contain your personal or brand information.

YouTube Watermark Template

There are some websites that offer YouTube watermark templates. If you haven't made a YouTube watermark and don't know where to start, using a template is always the way. You can go to these websites, choose the template you like, change the element on it to your own info, and save it as your own watermark.

Some YouTube watermark template websites recommended:

  • Kapwing:
  • Canva:
  • Freepik:

YouTube Watermark Template Freepik

What is the Format for the YouTube Watermark?

We suggest you use an image as a watermark for your YouTube watermark. The recommended formats are JPG, PNG, or GIF. Yes, you can also use a dynamic image as a watermark. And among the three formats, PNG is most recommended.

YouTube Watermark Size Converter

If you can't make the watermark the ideal size, try a YouTube watermark size converter. Here are some feasible ones:

  • Simple Image Resizer:
  • Online Resize Image:
  • Promo:

Final Words

We hope you learned enough about YouTube watermark size from this post. Share it with more people if you find it useful!


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