AnsweredCan People See If You Screen Record Their Instagram Live? 😃

Hello. I have been confused by a question: can Instagram notify people when you screen record? Does anyone know the right answer? Any help will be appreciated.

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In fact, whether or not the original author is notified when you record a screen on Instagram depends on what you're recording. Fortunately, Instagram doesn't notify users if you take a screen recording or screenshot of their story or live. So you can safely record the Instagram live or story. So you don't worry!

However, Instagram lets the sender know if you take a snapshot of a photo or video provided via private message or screen record the interface of a private message. If the other person knows you're taking screenshots or taking screenshots on Instagram, it can be awkward for both of you unless you're close friends or family. So, if you really want to record something important in a private message without letting the other person know, here are a few ways to do it.

First, you can set your phone to airplane mode. This method will prevent the notification of Instagram to message senders.

Secondly, you can also take a photo or video using another device. Of course, the way is also helpful if you don't mind the sharpness or quality of the picture or video.

However, if you still worry about the notification and do not dare try the above ways, you can also choose the last method: a third-party screen recorder application. EaseUS RecExperts is one of the perfect screen recorders for Windows and macOS devices I have used. You can download this software to have a try!

There are some steps for you to follow:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts on your Windows or Mac computer and navigate to Instagram on your browser. Then select "Full Screen" or "Region" for recording. You can also decide whether to record the system sound, microphone, and webcam.

Step 2. To begin recording, click the red "REC" button. You can pause or end the recording anytime by clicking the white double-vertical bar or the red square sign.

Step 3. Following the recording, you will be directed to the list of recordings. This page displays screenshots, audio files, and videos. The recordings can be played, edited, or managed here.

✅More reasons for choosing the full-featured screen recorder:

  • Record Instagram stories and live without notification
  • Support basic video editing and screenshots
  • Provide schedule recording
  • record encrypted movies without a black screen for personal use only

After learning about the above information, I hope this helps!

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