AnsweredCan You Secretly Screen Record?

Hi, I want to know if can I secretly screen record on some platforms like Zoom. I want to screen record some important lectures or PPTs on the screen in case I forget them. But I do not hope people will be notified. What should I do? Thank you.

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Jean· Answered on Oct 04, 2023

Hi. If you want to screen record on some platforms like Zoom, YouTube, or TikTok without notifying people, there is certainly some way to help you achieve this. Let's take Zoom as an example.

If you want to record a meeting using Zoom's built-in recording feature, you'll need to request a recording license from the meeting's moderator. Once the moderator grants you permission to use this feature, you can record the entire meeting using the built-in functionality. But this will cause everyone else to know that you are recording the screen. Therefore, you can't use this feature if you want to record secretly without letting others know.

So what to do? In my experience, I have used a screen recorder called EaseUS RecExperts. When I used this third-party software to record Zoom or some other meeting apps on my computer, I found that no one else received any notification about the recording.

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In addition, I also found EaseUS RecExpert to be a very good streaming video recording software, as it can help you record most of the streaming videos on the market, such as YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Disney Hotstar, Hulu, and other DRM-protected videos. Of course, the precondition is that you cannot use the recorded video for commercial purposes, only for personal use. Otherwise, you will be punished for violating copyright law.

Some other reasons for choosing EaseUS RecExperts.

  • Record microphone and video at the same time
  • Support recording system sound
  • Dual recording (including webcam and screen)
  • Record gameplay without any lag
  • Record mouse click effect
  • ...

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