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Why can't I record Google Meet meetings? I did not find the option to record meetings in any Google Meet chats. This is a major reason why I upgraded: what's up?

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Jean· Answered on Jun 21, 2024

There are some common reasons why you can't record a Google Meet:

1. Your admin hasn't enabled the recording feature in the Google Admin console.

  • Sign in to your Google Admin console with an administrator account, go to Menu > Apps > Google Workspace > Google Meet, and click Meet video settings > Recording > Let people record their meetings > Save.

2. You are not using the Google Meet recording feature on the computer.

  • The recording feature of Google Meet is only available for the computer version. Use it on your computer.

3. You join only to present.

  • You need to join the video meeting before it starts, start presenting, and record the meeting.

4. The meeting is created on a conference room device.

  • You cannot record the session on a Chrome plug-in or Meet hardware. Schedule the meeting in Calendar or create it by a person.

5. The meeting organizer's account is disabled.

  • Delete recurring meetings from the Google Calendar event, save the change, and add a new meeting code to start a meeting as the new owner.

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