AnsweredDoes Screen Recording Snapchat Story Notify the Person?

If you use the iOS screen recorder to record a person's Snapchat story, does it notify them like it does if you take a screenshot of the chat or story? I read that when this tool first came out, it did not notify the person, but that was a year or two ago. I do not know if that has changed, and I am unwilling to test it out until I know for certain.

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Melissa Lee· Answered on May 27, 2024

Yes, the Snapchat app will notify the person when you screen-record someone else's Snapchat stories with a double green arrow icon beside your name. In this way, others will know that you are recording their Snapchat stories.

If you don't want your screen recording to be notified, you may try a PC screen recorder called EaseUS RecExperts and follow the steps offered below to start.

Steps to Screen Record Snapchat Story without Others Knowing:

Step 1. Go to the Snapchat Story window and run EaseUS RecExperts on your Windows or Mac computer. Then, choose to record "Full Screen" or "Region". You can also choose to record the webcamsystem soundmicrophone or not.

Step 2. Next, click the red "REC" button to start recording. During recording, you can click on the white double vertical bar to pause the recording or click on the red square sign to end the recording.

Step 3. After recording, you will be led to the recording list. Videos, audio files, and screenshots are all shown here. You can play, trim, or manage the recordings here.

More reasons for choosing this program:

  • Record Snapchat chats or stories without notification
  • Capture the Snapchat screen as pictures
  • No registration is needed to start recording
  • Record system audio from videos

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