AnsweredHow to Extract Audio from Instagram Videos?

Every way I’ve tried to do it either automatically changes stuff or requires me to manually decide what it’s going to be. I just want to grab the audio from the Instagram video. Thanks!

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Jean· Answered on Jun 26, 2024

Numerous reasons are responsible for audio extraction. Let’s take extracting audio from Instagram videos as an example. This audio extraction process can help content makers separate sound and video in post-production, permitting needed users to add narration in a different language or delete copyrighted music.

Some users might raise similar questions: “How do you get sound from Instagram videos?” The answer is to use an excellent audio extractor like EaseUS RecExperts.

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In short, EaseUS RecExperts has the ability to extract audio from Instagram videos recorded by itself or imported from Instagram. You can also use it to extract audio from various streaming or social media platforms.

If needed, this versatile tool enables you to change the file format of your desired audio and export it in MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG, WMA, FLAC, etc.

The following steps describe how to extract audio from videos on different platforms using this tool.

  • Step 1. Install and launch EaseUS RecExperts > click Recordings on the lower left to open the video editor.
  • Step 2. Choose your wanted Instagram video from the recording list or click Import to add the Instagram video you want to extract audio.
  • Step 3. Select your targeted Instagram video > click Edit > Extract Audio to begin the audio extraction process.
  • Step 4. After the process, you can go to the saved path of your extracted audio to check it.

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