AnsweredHow do I Fix my OBS to Record on a Higher Quality?😣

Hi, guys. I tried to use OBS to record my screens, but my recording files seem really blurry. It seems like my OBS record screens under 480p! I really don't know what to do with it. Please help me out!

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Rel· Answered on Jan 05, 2024

Recording files seeming blurry occurs mostly because of the OBS settings. OBS Studio used to give its best settings for high-quality video recording. However, the set they provided has never been updated. New YouTubers follow its set but find that the recording files are still blurry. No need to worry. This post will give you the best OBS recording set with the newest version to help you record high-quality videos. 

📸Record high-quality videos with OBS:

Step 1. Launch the OBS Studio on your Windows/Mac. Then go to the "Output" section from the left sidebar, where you can set the recording modes you like. 

Step 2. Under the default mode, select "Video Bitrate" to 2500 Kpbs, and select "Audio Bitrate" to more than 200 Kpbs. 

Step 3. Then, go to the "Advanced" part of "Output Mode". Under this mode, you can change the recording set more freely at your own will. Just choose the highest output quality, and you will reach your goal. 

With the set above, now, you can record videos with high quality using OBS. If you are looking for an easier recording tool, I suggest you try EaseUS RecExperts. This screen recorder allows you to export files with multiple file formats, while OBS only supports a few. It will be more convenient if you'd like to change the file format. Click the download button below and see if the recorder suits you.

🌻Some main features of EaseUS RecExperts are listed below:

  • Record the whole screen or a specific area of the display
  • Exporting recording files with quality up to 4K/HD
  • Provide schedule recording at your will
  • Remove noise with AI-powered noise remover

Hope I have solved your problem. Enjoy your recording!

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