AnsweredWhat's the Best Internal Audio Recording Software for Mac?

I recently started using a Macbook, and am looking for an easy-to-use internal aduio recorder to record short audio clips and save them as MP3 files. I know there's QuickTime Player, but I'm not sure if it's possible to capture the internal sound. Can anybody help me?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on May 10, 2024

Hi! Although QuickTime Player is an easy-to-use inbuilt recording software on your Mac, it doesn't support capturing your Mac's system sound unless you install some plugins like Soundflower. Besides, changing the settings is a little difficult if you want to use this freeware to capture your Mac's internal sound, especially for novices without any tech knowledge.

Thus, given that, you'd better try a professional third-party internal audio recorder program. Luckily, there are a variety of tools available on the market, and some popular ones are:

  • Audacity
  • Adobe Audition
  • Sound Recorder Software
  • Recordpad
  • EaseUS RecExperts

As an advanced user, I used these tools before. If I have to choose one to recommend, EaseUS RecExperts is my option. This versatile screen and audio recorder supports capturing any sound from your Mac without extra plugins, including the microphone sound, system audio, and even sound from the external device. If needed, you can even choose to record all sounds simultaneously.

Record Anything on Your Mac

Record screen/internal audio/webcam without extensions

With its help, you can record streaming audio or music from sites easily and quickly. Besides, you can adjust the specific audio recording parameters, like audio bitrate, sample rate, format, and more. You can check out the following stunning features:

  • Provide the schedule recording feature to start or stop your audio recording automatically
  • Offer noise reduction and microphone boots tools to enhance your audio recording
  • Split your audio recordings automatically according to the file size
  • Export audio recordings in various formats

All these features will guarantee you high-quality vocal recordings! I hope you will be satisfied with my answers!

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