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Hi, I am looking for some excellent screen recorders to help me record my gameplays on a Windows PC. And I stumbled upon the OBS Studio. Can anyone tell me if is OBS a screen recorder? Thanks in advance.

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Jean· Answered on May 10, 2024

Yes, OBS is a sound and picture screen recorder, but in order to give you the most satisfying screen recording experience, OBS needs all the resources of your system, as well as plenty of RAM. OBS can be used on low-end PCs to record lectures or for other purposes, but if you want to record a game, there may be a significant lag. Therefore, OBS is not the ideal tool for low-end PCS, and it needs the latest version to function properly.

If you own a low-end computer and want to record your gameplay in HD format, it is suggested that you use EaseUS RecExperts, a powerful, popular screen recorder that offers a variety of advantages that even advanced screen recorders like OBS can't.

EaseUS RecExperts supports choosing different video qualities, like standard, HD, or the original video picture. Therefore, it is convenient for you to record different levels of video quality, like gameplay, movies, streaming videos, or online courses.

Besides, it can support many kinds of video formats, like MOV, FLV, MP4, MKV, GVI, and GIF. More importantly, it is well-connected with some streaming platforms. It can record encrypted online movies, TV series, or videos from popular streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

For live broadcasting, it can capture your gameplay on camera and save your favorite moments. You can also create online tutorials for gaming strategies, record games in 4K UHD resolution, stream them at up to 144 frames per second without any lag, and share key moments on social media.

Therefore, compared with OBS Studio, it is easier for you to use as it has a simple and user-friendly interface with beginners' guides. Now let's get started to use this screen recorder!

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