AnsweredIs There A Way to Record GTA Online?

Hi. I'm new to GTA Online and recordings. When I press F1 on my PC, it starts recording. But I also want to include texts like money, my level, and the map (which is in the bottom left corner). It doesn't seem to record them. Is there any way to enable them to record as well? Or is it the default behavior?

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Melissa Lee· Answered on Mar 19, 2024

Is there a way to record GTA online? Yes! You can record GTA online with an online screen recorder. Among all the online recorders, EaseUS RecExperts is one of the best options. Download it from the button below to have a try!

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Steps to record GTA online with EaseUS:

Step 1. Start the GTA gameplay, run the EaseUS RecExperts, and select the "Game" mode from the left column.

Step 2. Also select "Webcam", "System sound", and "Microphone" if you want. You can even go to "Settings" > "Video" to adjust the frame rate, video quality, format, etc.

Step 3. Go back to the Game interface and click "Select Game" to choose the GTA window. And click "REC" to start recording.

Step 4. Lastly, click the red square to stop the recording. You will be led to the recording list automatically.

💡Other recorders you can try:

Here are three more tools that are recommended for screen-recording GTA. They are:

1. EaseUS Free Online Screen Recorder

EaseUS Free Online Screen Recorder is an online screen recording tool that can capture the GTA screen with internal audio, microphone sound, and even the webcam. It is totally free to use. However, you can only save the recordings without editing them. If you need editing features, try EaseUS RecExperts.

2. Geforce Experience's Shadowplay feature

This feature works as game recording software. Users can manually record gameplay videos for as long as they want. The video quality is up to 8K HDR at 30 FPS or up to 4K HDR at 60 FPS.

3. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open-source screen recorder that you can use to record GTA screens for free. The game audio can also be recorded when capturing the screen. You can even record multiple screens at the same time. However, I personally don't recommend recording too many windows at once because this may take up too much CPU usage.

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