AnsweredDoes Recording Audio on PC With Audacity Result in Quality Loss

In essence, the question is: Does using Audacity to record audio on a PC cause quality loss? When I record audio from Spotify at 320 kbps using Audacity (with Stereo Mix as the Recording Device), does the music lose quality when I export it to MP3, or does it maintain its 320 kbps quality (assuming you export it at 320 kbps of course)?

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Jean· Answered on Nov 29, 2023

Hi. According to your question: Does recording Audio on PC with Audacity result in quality loss? I am so glad to answer your question.

The short answer is YES. Spotify does not stream in MP3 but in OGG format. If you export the recorded audio into MP3 format, the file will be compressed with quality loss. One of the advantages is that you will get a small audio file size using MP3. However, if you want to get high-quality audio files without quality loss, it is suggested that you choose other file formats, like WAV. It is a kind of lossless and uncompressed file format containing too many sound details and requires more space to save audio files. If you do not care about the file size, WAV is a better choice for you.

So, how can you export WAV audio files? Based on my own experience, it is recommended that you choose an excellent audio recorder: EaseUS RecExperts. It can be compatible with macOS and Windows devices. Using this audio recorder, you will get high-quality and lossless audio files. You can download this software to have a try.

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