AnsweredHow Do You Screen Record An App That is Record-restricted?

I just tried to record and take screenshots of some restricted apps for personal use, like Hulu, Udemy, and Netflix, but I failed. I have used OBS and screenRec as someone suggested, and both cannot working. Then, what should I try to do to screen record an app that is record-restricted?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on May 12, 2024

Hi, I have ever had the same problem once. So, I am confident that you can adopt my suggestions below:

#1. Use a professional and powerful screen recorder

As you said, you failed to screen record restricted apps with OBS and ScreenRec, and the reason is that most screen recorders on the market only provide basic screen recording tools for common tasks. To record videos from restricted apps, like Hulu, Netflix, etc., you need to find a professional one. Here, I highly recommend EaseUS RecExperts.

Unlike other screen recording tools, this software offers a special recording mode called Enhance mode, which can bypass the recording restriction easily. And that's to say; you can effortlessly record Udemy, Netflix, or other apps with RecExperts. Most importantly, it provides many other advanced recording features to enhance your recording!

#2. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Another way is to turn off the hardware acceleration in your browser. In this way, you can easily choose to record or snapshot the restricted apps! Here I take an example of Google Chrome:

  • Open Chrome and click More Option > Settings.
  • Choose System and disable the option "Use graphics acceleration when available".
  • Finally, restart Google Chrome.

#3. Record with another device

The last way is to record restricted apps with another device, like a mobile phone or camera. All you have to do is to prepare another recording device and fix it. However, you need to know that the recording quality cannot be guaranteed.

All right! These are all the workable methods for recording a screen-restricted app. I hope they will be helpful.

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