AnsweredHow Do I Screen Record in 4K on Android?

Hi. I am looking for the best way to screen record in 4K on my Android device. I have tried the built-in screen recorder of my phone, but it can not record video in 4k. Is there any other way to achieve that? Thank you.

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First, we need to know that 4K video typically requires 30 to 60 Mbps to encode at a reasonable quality, depending on the frame rate and codec. 10 minutes of 4K video takes about 2 to 5GB.

So, the first reason: do you have that much free storage on your phone? If not, it's a storage problem. The solution is to use another device that has enough storage to screen record 4K videos.

But what if you do have enough space available and it still doesn't work? So, the second reason may be that your Android phone itself does not support recording 4K video. For this reason, you need to turn to third-party apps to help you solve this problem.

There are some 4K screen recorders for Android as follows.

  • AZ Screen Recorder
  • 4K Screen Recorder
  • X Recorder

In addition to using an app for screen recording on Android devices, it is also suggested that you choose the best desktop 4K screen recorder: EaseUS RecExperts if you want to record videos on a computer.

Both Windows and macOS operating systems can be compatible with EaseUS RecExperts. You can record video tutorials, gaming conversations, online classes, or seminars 4K by using this limitless screen recorder. Additionally, you may use it to record streaming videos from websites like YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, and Netflix. If you don't want to download any software, you can make basic recordings using its free online screen recorder.

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