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OBS is what I'm using to record my game, although the video isn't of very high quality. The game plays at 120 frames per second. However, OBS only captures 30 frames per second. Have you got any suggestions for recording video gameplay without sacrificing quality?

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Jean· Answered on Dec 21, 2023

Hi, my friend! According to my video game recording experience for years, OBS Studio can support you in recording gameplay in over 30 FPS. The default setting of 30 FPS in OBS can be changed for your recordings.

However, although streaming at high frame rates is feasible in OBS, it is not recommended to do so for a number of reasons. Boosting streams over 60 FPS may significantly exceed the bandwidth cap, which would become unsupportable without modern video hardware.

Therefore, it is suggested that you choose a better game recording software with a high frame rate: EaseUS RecExperts. It is compatible with Windows PC and Mac devices.

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For live broadcasting, EaseUS RecExperts can capture your gameplay and save your favorite moments. You can also create online tutorials for gaming strategies. It can support recording games in 4K UHD resolution and stream them at up to 144 frames per second without lag. Moreover, you can share these key moments on your social media.

Now, you can follow these steps to record gameplay at a high frame rate.

Step 1. Download and install EaseUS RecExperts.

Step 2. Open EaseUS RecExperts and click on the Settings.

Step 3. In the video option, change the frame rate to 120FPS. Then click on OK.

Step 4. Select "Region" or "Full Screen" to record.

Step 5. Select the system sound or microphone.

Step 6. The "REC" button must be clicked to begin recording. Once that's done, select "Stop".

In a word, it is a good choice for you to screen-record gameplay. If you think my answer is helpful, please give me a like!

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