How to Enable Game Mode in macOS Sonoma [2024 Newest Answer]

Learn how to enable Game Mode in macOS Sonoma to enhance your gaming experience. This article mentions steps to help you level up your Mac gaming.

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Updated on Apr 19, 2024

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MacOS Sonoma is bringing multiple exciting features and enhancements to the Mac systems. The earlier Mac versions were unsuitable for gaming, so macOS Sonoma introduced Game Mode. It is a dedicated tool designed to boost your gaming experience on Mac. Whether you're a casual gamer or gaming content creator, Game Mode in macOS Sonoma takes your gaming to the next level. This guide will help you unlock the full potential of Game Mode and enhance your gaming sessions on macOS Sonoma.

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What Is Game Mode in macOS Sonoma

With the rising popularity of gaming on Mac devices, the need for a dedicated gaming mode was increasing. Gamers require a streamlined and optimized experience to enjoy their gaming sessions.

Game Mode in macOS Sonoma is a feature designed to boost the gaming experience on Mac devices. Providing an effective gaming environment, it caters to all gamers' needs. It optimizes system CPU and GPU resources by handling more processing power to the game. To ensure that your game runs smoothly, it minimizes background processes. It can enhance graphics performance, thus improving game visuals.

macos sonoma interface

Moreover, Game Mode introduces features like in-game overlays, customizable gaming profiles, and compatibility with popular gaming platforms. It will improve Bluetooth connections by increasing the Bluetooth sampling rate for popular gaming controllers, like Xbox and PlayStation. It can reduce input lag and ensure audio synchronizes smoothly with the game.

Introducing a hassle-free and better gaming experience into Mac has reduced the need for specialized gaming devices. It works with all popular games and will automatically enable when you start a game in full-screen mode. With its improved gaming, you only need a laptop screen recorder to use your Mac for gaming content.

How to Turn On Game Mode in macOS Sonoma

Game Mode in macOS Sonoma Game Porting Toolkit is a powerful feature that automatically optimizes your Mac for gaming. There are no manual controls or options to turn it on until you launch a compatible game in full-screen mode.

Step 1. Open a game on your Mac. Game Mode will automatically activate if the game supports full-screen mode on your Mac.

Step 2. A game controller icon will appear in the macOS menu bar.

see game controller

Step 3. If you can't find the Game Mode icon, play the game in Full-screen mode. It only works with the games in full-screen mode.

Step 4. To manage Game Mode, click on the game controller icon. The only option available is to "Turn Game Mode Off." Here, you can turn off gameplay to optimize your background activities.

choose turn game mode off

Step 5. Select the "Turn Game Mode On" option to enable it again. If you can't find the gaming icon, restart the game in full-screen mode.

Game Mode in macOS Sonoma activates and deactivates itself as you launch and exit full-screen gaming. It ensures your Mac is optimized for exceptional gaming without requiring manual adjustments. Game Mode, combined with an effective tool to record Steam game videos, can take your gaming to the next level.

How Does Game Mode Work on MacBook/iMac

Game Mode is designed to boost game performance on Macs and iMacs. It operates by optimizing system resources and minimizing distractions.

game mode on macos sonoma

Here's how it works:

🗂️Resource Allocation: When you activate Game Mode, your MacBook or iMac reallocates CPU and GPU power to prioritize the game. As the game receives more processing power, it plays smoothly with potentially higher frame rates. Ensuring maximum efficiency, it is significantly effective in graphically demanding games.

📄Background Process Management: It reduces or suspends system speed-related background processes. It can pause or limit tasks like software updates, notifications, and background file transfers. By minimizing these distractions, Game Mode helps maintain a stable gaming environment and reduces game lags or loadings.

📊Graphics Optimization: Game Mode can also optimize graphics performance depending on your hardware and game settings. It adjusts rendering settings to maximize visual quality while maintaining a smooth frame rate. Its variable refresh rate synchronization can eliminate screen tearing and enhance visual clarity.

🔖Input and Peripheral Enhancements: It extends its benefits to peripherals and input devices. Optimizing keyboard/mouse response times and improving game controller options ensures that your inputs are precise and lag-free.

🎮Customization: Game Mode allows users to customize their gaming experience. You can configure resource allocation, background process, and graphics settings with options to turn game mode on or off.

Game Mode transforms your device into a dedicated gaming platform during your gaming sessions. By intelligently managing system space and speed, it creates an environment where you can fully immerse yourself in gaming. Whether you're a game lover or gaming content creator, it ensures that your MacBook delivers an exceptional gaming experience.

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What Macs Can Use Game Mode

Game Mode is compatible with macOS Sonoma. Its availability on your Mac may vary with hardware type and compatibility with macOS Sonoma. Here are the Mac models that support game mode:

Desktop Products Supported Models
iMac 2019 and later
iMac Pro 2017 and later
Mac Pro 2019 and later
Mac Studio 2022 and later
MacBook Air 2018 and later
MacBook Pro 2018 and later
Mac Mini 2018 and later

If you have a compatible model but still can't see Game Mode, consider updating your Mac software.

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easeus recexperts main interface

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If you want to elevate your gaming experience with screen recording, EaseUS RecExperts is an excellent choice. Its multiple features make it a perfect choice for gamers and content creators. In addition, when recording your game, you can also look for an online screen recorder that doesn't disturb your game's visual quality if you do not want to download any software.

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Fix Common Problems About Game Mode

While playing games on your Mac, you may have trouble finding Game Mode options. Here are simple solutions to your everyday problems with Game Mode.

1. How to stop game mode in macOS Sonoma?

Follow the steps to stop game mode in macOS Sonoma

Step 1. Launch a game

Step 2. Open it in full-screen mode and see a gaming icon in the menubar.

Step 3. Tap on it to see options. You'll see a single option, "Turn Off Game Mode."

Step 4. Select the Turn Off Game Mode. It will stop the Game mode in macOS Sonoma.

2. What's the difference between Game Mode on and off?

The primary difference between Game Mode being "On" and "Off" is in how your Mac manages system resources during gameplay:

✅Game Mode On: When Game Mode is On, your Mac prioritizes the game you're playing and allocates more CPU and GPU power to it. It also reduces background processes, optimizing the gaming experience for smoother gameplay and higher visual effects.

❌Game Mode Off: When Game Mode is off, your Mac operates in its standard mode. All app applications and background processes will use resources. It can make gaming performance less efficient, especially in heavy video games.


Game Mode features in macOS Sonoma can enhance your gaming experience on Mac. With its resource optimization and quick gaming features, you can improve your performance. Whether you love to play games or want to create gaming content, it ensures smooth and lag-free gameplay. The article listed the steps on how to enable game mode in macOS Sonoma.

To take your gaming experience to the next level, record your games using a reputable screen recorder such as EaseUS RecExperts. With a user-friendly interface and multiple features, EaseUS RecExperts help you share your achievements with others.

How to Enable Game Mode in macOS Sonoma FAQs

Game Mode in macOS Sonoma is a valuable feature to enhance your gaming experience. If you're looking for how to enable Game Mode in macOS Sonoma, here are some FAQs to help you:

1. What are the new functions in macOS Sonoma?

The new features of macOS Sonoma include:

  • Interactive desktop widgets for quick access to information.
  • Apple TV-style dynamic aerial screensavers.
  • Safari improvements for faster and more secure web browsing.
  • Game Mode prioritizes CPU and GPU performance for gaming.
  • Resource optimizations for overall system performance.
  • User interface improvements for a better user experience.
  • Privacy and security updates to safeguard your data and online activities.

2. Does Windows PC have game mode?

Windows PCs have a Game Mode feature designed to improve gaming performance. You can access it in the Windows Settings menu. It will prioritize your game and reduce or stop the background tasks that may affect game performance.

3. When does macOS Sonoma come?

MacOS Sonoma is the latest version of the Mac operating system. The expected macOS Sonoma release date is September 26, 2023.

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