AnsweredWhy Can't I Record Disney Plus?

I tried to record movies from Disney Plus, but I failed. There is nothing but a black screen in my recordings. I want to figure out why I cannot record Disney Plus. Can you succeed in recording from Disney?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Dec 01, 2023

As far as I know, most streaming services, like Disney Plus, Netflix, Vudu, iTunes, and more, use a digital rights management system (DRM) to protect their content from being illegally copied or shared. This means that screen recording or capturing tools are typically blocked from recording content while watching Disney Plus, etc.

As you say, you will usually end up with a black screen if you try to screen record movies from Disney Plus. This is done to protect copyrighted material and prevent piracy.

However, there does exist a screen recorder that helps you capture the videos from these streaming services successfully if you still want to capture the video content. And that's EaseUS Screen Recorder.

This software offers a special recording mode called Online Video, which enables you to capture movies from Disney Plus or Amazon Prime Video without a black screen hassle-free. You don't need to install other plugins or change other settings, just choose your desired streaming service and click REC. That's it!

What's more, this video capture software can work perfectly on both Windows and macOS computers, and you can record your favorite video content flexibly. As for recording, there is no time limit and no watermark. To conclude, it's worth trying!

But I still want to say here, you can use this software to capture protected videos for personal use instead of commercial purpose. If not, it might lead to legal consequences.

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