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Hi, my Spectrum DVR is not damaged in any way, and all previous recordings are viewable, but why am I now unable to record new series on Spectrum?

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Rel· Answered on Dec 01, 2023

If you confirm that there is nothing wrong with your DVR and that you can indeed play back previously recorded content, but cannot record new programs, then the reason you are unable to record series on Spectrum is most likely because you don't have enough storage space left.

You'll have to either delete some of your previous recordings or find more hard disk storage to give you the extra space you need to support new recordings.

Of course, if you don't want to lose your old recordings and would like to try a new way to record series on Spectrum, then EaseUS RecExperts will be your best bet.

The Spectrum TV streaming service is also available on your computer, and because of this, EaseUS RecExperts, a screen recorder for Windows and Mac, can be useful.

You just need to click the button to download this software for free to record any activity on your PC screen with a few clicks. 

Relying on the support of its powerful features, no matter which area of the screen you want to record, you can achieve your purpose easily. And during the recording process, you can even add a microphone and webcam to record your own reactions in real time.

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