AnsweredWhy Can't I Screen Record?🧑‍💻

I tried to record something on my screen, but I failed. Why? Why can't I screen record on my device? Any suggestion, please?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Dec 01, 2023

In my experience, there are serval reasons that cause the issue below:

1️⃣The Device Limitations

Some older or less advanced devices may not have the capability to screen record. For instance, if your PC runs Windows 7 or older versions, you may fail to screen record, as there are no built-in screen recording tools.

In that case, you can choose EaseUS RecExperts to capture something on your desktop. This software is compatible with Windows and macOS, enabling you to complete all simple and complicated recording tasks hassle-free.

2️⃣ Security Settings

Your device's security settings may prevent screen recording to maintain privacy and prevent unauthorized capture of sensitive information.

3️⃣App Restrictions

Some apps, especially some streaming services or video players, may have features that disable screen recording to protect copyrighted content.

4️⃣Software Restrictions:

Some specific devices or operating systems may have built-in restrictions that prevent screen recording.

5️⃣Screen Recording Incompatibility

It's possible that the screen recording function is not compatible with the particular app or screen you are trying to record.

If you encounter these screen recording issues, you can check your device and app settings to ensure the device meets the necessary requirements!

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