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How to Screenshot on HP Laptop without Print Screen Button(2024 Guide)

Larissa Updated on Jan 05, 2024| min read


Have you ever tried to take screenshots on your HP laptop only to find out your "print screen" (prt sc) button isn't functioning? Or perhaps yours is, but you just can't get it to take screenshots on specific sites or with some images.

In fact, a dedicated print screen button is no longer included on many modern laptops, including HP models. But who needs the "print screen" button? It's pretty slow, anyway.

But it's nothing to worry about. There are several ways you can take screenshots without using this button. And in this guide, we will explore different methods for taking screenshots on an HP laptop without using the print screen button.

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3 Ways to Screenshot on HP Laptop without Print Screen Button

Since we mentioned that you don't need to use the print screen button to capture a screenshot on your HP laptop, it’s only right to provide other options.

Here are the three techniques that work better:

1. Screenshot on HP Laptop using Screenshot Freeware

We recommend freeware software like EaseUS Screenshot as the best alternative to the print screen button. With this best free screen capture software like this, you can take screenshots of the whole screen, a specific window, or a specific region on your screen.

You'd agree that this way of taking a screenshot on your HP laptop is quick, easy, and saves time and energy. All you need to get started with this approach is to install the free EaseUS Screenshot program on your HP laptop. Here's how to go about this:

Step 1. Download and install EaseUS Screenshot on your PC, then launch it.

launch EaseUS Screenshot

Step 2. You will see two options on the toolbar. The left one is for "Rectangular screenshot", and the right one is for "Full screenshot".

To take a partial screenshot, you just click on the left button (or double click the "Ctrl" key), then drag your mouse to select the area on your screen; To take a full screenshot, you can click the right button (or double click "Alt" on keyboard).

Take full or partial screenshot

Step 3. When the screen is captured, you can see an editing toolbar below the screenshot. It provides a set of tools to modify the screenshot by drawing, adding text, mosaic, etc. 

Edit screenshots

Step 4. Once done, click the "Save" button or press "Space" to save the screenshot. Or, you can click "Copy" or hit the "Enter" key to copy the screenshot to the clipboard.

Export screenshot

2. Using Snipping Tool to Screenshot on HP Laptop

The Snipping Tool is another "tool" that efficiently completes the screenshot job. It's a windows screen capture shortcut program, so you don't have to download anything new. It's a convenient way to take screenshots using different modes like freeform, window, rectangular, or full-screen snips.

Follow these steps to use it effectively:

Step 1: Click on the search bar (it's beside your state icon at the bottom left corner of the screen).

Step 2: Type "snipping tool" in the search bar.

How to use the snipping tool to make screenshots on HP laptop 1

Step 3: Select the snipping tool from the search results

Step 4: Click on the "new" icon to start taking a screenshot.

click new

Step 5: Choose the mode you want to use (freeform snips, window snips, rectangular snips, or full-screen snips).

rectangular snips

Step 6: Hold your left-click button and use the mouse to map out the area you want to capture.

map out the area you want to capture

Step 7: Once you've mapped out the area, the screenshot gets taken automatically

Step 8: You can save the screenshot by clicking on the save button or "Ctrl S". Choose your preferred file location and rename it as desired.

save the screenshot

With these steps, you'll be able to summon the snipping tool anytime you need to take one or multiple screenshots quickly.

3. Replace the Print Screen Button with On-Screen Keyboard

While this is a literal lifesaver, several people don’t know that you can replicate the function of your missing or malfunctioning print screen button on your HP with your on-screen keyboard. The on-screen keyboard is especially helpful if you can't type well with your keyboard or it suddenly stops working.

Here's how you can make it a worthy alternative to your HP keyboard's print screen button:

Step 1: Head to the search bar toward your screen's bottom left corner.

Step 2: Search for the on-screen keyboard by typing "on-screen keyboard" in that search bar.

Step 3: Locate and select the on-screen keyboard from the search results.

on-screen keyboard

Step 4: Once the on-screen keyboard is open, watch the Print Screen icon (it might be abbreviated as PrtScn).

print screen icon on on-screen keyboard

Step 5: Take the screenshot by clicking on the Print Screen button, and just like that, you've captured a screenshot of your entire screen

And with that, you can have a replica of your print screen button on your screen.

While this doesn't have the functionality of the other options, it could be helpful when using the others would prevent you from getting your desired result.

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A Thorough Comparison of the Three Ways

When comparing these three HP laptop screenshot methods without the print screen button, several factors must be considered. These include how easy it is to use, what other functions it has, how good its screenshots are, and other benefits. In the context of this comparison, we'll be using EaseUS Screenshot as the reference point for screenshot freeware.

Method EaseUS Screenshot Snipping Tool On-Screen Keyboard
Ease of Use


Moderate Moderate
Features Offered
  • Full screen, window, and region screenshots
  • Image editing
  • Annotation tools
  • Specific area screenshots
  • Full-screen screenshots

Windows 11/10/8/7

Windows 11/10/8/7 Windows 11/10/8/7
Time taken Fast Fast Fast
User Interface Visually appealing Moderate Moderate


Moderate Low
Quality of screenshot High Moderate Moderate
Customization options High Moderate Low
  • Ease of use

EaseUS Screenshot has a simple, easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to take screenshots. The Snipping Tool and On-Screen Keyboard are also easy to use, but EaseUS Screenshot is very user-friendly.

  • Features

While the snipping tool lets you take a screenshot of a specific part of your screen using different modes and also make annotations, the

EaseUS Screenshot gives you the most features to play with. This includes full-screen, window, and region screenshots, as well as additional features like editing and annotation tools. The on-screen keyboard offers only the conventional screenshot feature, letting you take full-screen screenshots.

  • Compatibility with the operating system

All three of these methods work well on HP with Windows.

  • Time taken to complete the task

All three methods are fast enough for their purpose, but EaseUS Screenshot is a little quicker than the other two methods, taking the least amount of time to complete the task.

  • The Flexibility of the method

Of the three methods, the on-screen keyboard is the least flexible, as it only allows screenshots of the entire screen.

EaseUS Screenshot offers the most flexibility and lets users take screenshots in multiple styles.

  • Screenshot Quality

Screenshots have a reputation for reducing quality by a lot. However, the EaseUS Screenshot beats this reputation and makes the best-quality screenshot.

  • Customization options

The snipping tool and on-screen keyboard do not provide as many customization options as EaseUS Screenshot, which allows you to change things like the screenshot quality and format.

  • Extra benefits or perks

The snipping tool and EaseUS Screenshot let you share screenshots directly from the software. But EaseUS Screenshot takes it to the next level by allowing you to integrate with cloud storage, among other things.

Overall, EaseUS Screenshot stands as the best of the three options considering all its unique features.

Sum Up

You can do without the print screen button to take a screenshot on an HP laptop. You only need one of these three tools: the snipping tool, the on-screen keyboard, or the free EaseUS Screenshot software. Note that you can use the keyboard shortcut "Windows + Shift + S" to take a quick screenshot.

But if you're in the market for more functionality, EaseUS Screenshot is your best option. If you will be making a number of screenshots on your HP laptop, then you should download the EaseUS Screenshot software today and use it for free.

Screenshot on Laptop without Print Screen Button FAQs

Here are four frequently asked questions on "screenshot on laptop without print screen button" that we have compiled to help you. Let's dive in:

1. How do you take a screenshot on an HP laptop easily?

The easiest way is to use a freeware screenshot program like EaseUS Screenshot that offers both speed and a clean user interface. You can also use the shortcut "Windows + Shift + S" for one.

2. How do I take a screenshot without a Print Screen?

You can use the snipping tool, the on-screen keyboard, or freeware like EaseUS Screenshot to take a screenshot without using the print screen button. The first two options are built into your computer, while the third is easily downloaded.

3. What are three ways to take a screenshot on a PC?

Three ways to take a screenshot on a PC are: using a screenshot freeware program like EaseUS Screenshot, using the snipping tool, and replacing the print screen button with the on-screen keyboard.

4. How do I take a screenshot on my HP laptop in Windows 10?

In Windows 10, you can take a screenshot with the snipping tool or the on-screen keyboard.

To use the Snipping Tool:

Step 1: Go to the search bar and search for the snipping tool.

Step 2: To begin taking a screenshot, click on the new button and use the mouse to select the area you want to capture.

To use the on-screen keyboard, follow these steps:

Step 1: Search for the on-screen keyboard in the search bar and click on it.

Step 2: Look for the Print Screen button, click on it, and that's it! You have taken a screenshot of your entire screen.

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