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⭐⭐Usually, 480p resolution refers to 640 x 480p, providing an aspect ratio equal to 4:3. It will take up less storage space than 720p and 1080p. On different occasions, there are various 480p resolutions, like 720 x 480p, 768 x 480p, and more, and 480p video is a perfect match for laptops and desktop monitors, as well as for small format displays.

While watching videos in your daily life, you might notice that there is a wide range of resolutions you can choose, like 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, etc. Obviously, the higher the number, the better the video quality. But do you really know each video's resolution and related terms? If not, you will benefit here. This page introduces everything about 480p Resolution, including 480p size, 480p aspect ratio, etc., and even shows you the difference between 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Now, let's dive into it!

Resolution Explained

Before introducing 480p Resolution, let's identify what the Resolution is. 

what is video resolution

Resolution is usually a measure used to describe the sharpness and clarity of an image as well as a video, and it is expressed in terms of the number of pixels that can be displayed both horizontally and vertically, like 640 x 480, 888 x 480p, and more. As for the pixel, it is the smallest square point on a monitor screen that emits a specific color. 

Often, if your video or image contains more pixels (The number of pixels displayed horizontally x the number of pixels displayed vertically), your image or video has a better quality. You can easily see the details of the image or video, even if you zoom in.

What Is 480p Resolution

After knowing the Resolution, let's discuss the 480p Resolution now. The 480p Resolution means there are 480 pixels in the vertical plane of the video or screen. Normally, it has a display of 640 x 480, which means there are 640 pixels in the horizontal line of the screen or video and 480 pixels in the vertical plane. This typical 480p Resolution has an aspect ratio of 4:3 and is often used in North America, Japan, and Taiwan.

Moreover, you might also want to learn 4801p resolution data storage. On average, an hour of 480p resolution video will take up about 500 MB of storage space, and it will be different according to the video bitrate and storage resolution.

Aside from that, there are two popular 480p resolutions, and they are 480p24 and 480p30. The numbers after p indicate the frame rate, such as 24 fps, 30 fps. The higher the frame rate, the smoother your video's playback.

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Common 480p Resolution Pixels and Aspect Ration

In our daily lives, there exist many various forms of 480p Resolution. Here is a common list you can take a look:

Standard Aspect Ratio Resolution (Pixels) Additional Reading









4:3 640 x 480p The most common 480p resolution aspect ratio and is used for camera and video formats
3:2 720 x 480p Aspect ratio for iPod Touch 4 and NTSC video
16:10 768 x 480p None
5:3 800 x 480p used on the Samsung Galaxy S II
16:9 848 x 480p Mod16 compatible resolution format
16:9 854 x 480p widescreen size for a 480p YouTube video
18:10 864 x 480p None
1.85:1 888 x 480p None
2:1 960 x 480p double-squared 480p

Data source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/480p

480p vs. 720p  vs. 1280p

Well, 480p, 720p, and 1280p are common resolutions in our daily life. But which one is the best? If you have the same question, you can find answers below:   

Resolution Standard pixels Storage space Sharpness
480p 640 x 480p 500 MB for an hour of 480p30 video Normal
720p 1280 x 720p 6 GB for an hour of 720p30 video 3 times clearer than 480p
1080p 1920 x 1080p 23.4 GB of one hour of 1080p30 video 8 times clearer than 480p

To conclude, if you need to store a lot of videos and movies, the 480p Resolution is the best, as it takes less storage space. But if you have a high requirement of image clarity and smoother video framerates, you can take 720p and 1080p into consideration.

Final Thoughts

This page shows you everything about 480p Resolution, and I guess you must have a better understanding now. This time, share this post to help more people!


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