Keyframe Interval OBS: The Recommended Setting in OBS Studio

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When you are editing videos, you are sure to see the term "keyframe interval." Do you know what is the definition? This article will show you the right answer! You will learn some helpful information about this term in the field of video editing, like the best keyframe interval when editing videos in OBS Studio. Now, let's explore the world of keyframe interval!

What Is Keyframe Interval OBS

Keyframe interval is a parameter that determines how often a full-frame (keyframe) is sent in a video stream. In other words, the encoding parameter known as a keyframe interval, also known as an I-frame interval, controls how frequently the entire image is delivered. When you are editing videos in OBS Studio, you need to set the keyframe interval.

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OBS is a free and open-source software. Users can capture, mix, and stream video and audio from cameras, microphones, desktops, games, etc. OBS is widely used by gamers, streamers, educators, and content creators for live streaming and recording. It supports various streaming platforms, such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc., and offers many features and settings to customize and optimize the streaming experience.

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How Does the Keyframe Interval Affect the Quality of Streaming Videos

So, you may want to know how the keyframe affects the quality of streaming videos. A keyframe contains all the information needed to display a frame, while other frames only contain the changes from the previous frame.

keyframe affect the quality of videos

A lower keyframe interval means more keyframes, which can improve the quality and smoothness of videos but also increase the size and bandwidth of the stream. A higher keyframe interval means fewer keyframes, which can reduce the size and bandwidth of the stream but also cause more artifacts and lag in the video. Therefore, we can conclude that what keyframe interval you need to choose depends on the types of videos, platforms, and so on.

What Is the Recommended Keyframe Interval in OBS Studio

The recommended keyframe interval for OBS depends on the streaming platform, device, and network conditions. Generally, most streaming platforms require a keyframe interval of 2 seconds or less. However, some platforms may have different requirements or recommendations. For example, Twitch recommends a keyframe interval of 2 seconds or half of the frame rate, while YouTube recommends a keyframe interval of 1 second or equal to the frame rate.

Users can set the keyframe interval for OBS in the output settings menu under advanced output mode. Users can also set the keyframe interval to 0 (auto), which lets OBS decide the optimal value based on the video encoder. Usually, if your video stream depicts a static scene (such as a news station or talk show), then a two-second keyframe interval is sufficient. But a dynamic stream of sports events requires a much shorter keyframe interval (about one second).


To sum up, this article has talked about keyframe interval OBS, and you will learn how to choose the best keyframe interval for your videos in OBS Studio. Hope this article will be helpful for you! You can share this article with more friends!


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