Starfield 30 FPS: Everything You Want to Know

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For most gamers, it is not strange to Starfield, a video game that offers players an open-world experience where they can explore space. However, recently, most players found that Starfeld is locked to 30 FPS, and they are so puzzled. So, this post comes here. This page will show you everything about Starfield 30 FPS in detail. Just keep reading to explore more information.

Why Is Starfield Locked to 30 FPS

As for 30 FPS vs 60 FPS, we all know that the latter is better. The decision to lock Starfield at 30 FPS likely stems from technical considerations and the need to maintain stability and performance in the game. By capping the frame rate at 30 FPS, developers can ensure a consistent and smooth gameplay experience without risking performance issues or graphical glitches.

why is starfield capped at 30 fps

This decision may also be influenced by the hardware capabilities of consoles or PCs, as maintaining a steady frame rate can help optimize the game for a wider range of systems. The trade-off between performance and visual fidelity is a common consideration in game development, and the choice to lock Starfield at 30 FPS reflects a balance between optimizing gameplay and maintaining overall stability.

The developer's perspective on the FPS lock may emphasize the importance of prioritizing a stable and enjoyable gameplay experience for all players. By locking the frame rate at 30 FPS, developers may aim to create a more accessible and consistent experience that caters to a broader audience. Future updates or changes to the FPS settings in Starfield could be influenced by player feedback and ongoing optimizations to enhance the game's performance and visuals.

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Is Starfield Capped at 30 FPS on All Devices

Actually, Starfield is only capped at 30 FPS on Xbox so far. As for other devices, like PCs, there might be no limitations, as the Starfield FPS varies depending on your PC specification. Our test data shows it hovers at around 60 FPS on average.

Typically, console versions of games may have a more consistent frame rate due to standard hardware specifications, while PC versions may offer more flexibility regarding frame rate options. It is possible that Bethesda Game Studios may provide different FPS settings or optimizations for various platforms to cater to different player preferences and hardware capabilities.

How to Upgrade Starfield FPS to 60 or Higher

If you are trying to upgrade Starfield FPS to 60 or even higher, you might adopt the following method. According to our test, manipulating the game's files is the easiest way.

  • Find the starfield.ini file in your install location.
  • Next, open it with your Notepad and find the FPS field.
  • Then, locate the iPresentlnterval and set the value to 0. That's it.

However, you need to know that it might cause screen-tearing issues during your gameplay.

Final Words

This post shows you almost every aspect of Starfield 30 FPS and the solution to upgrade the FPS. So, share it with others!


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