What Is Snapchat Ghost Mode? 😨[Detailed Info]

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If you are new to Snapchat, you might be confused about Ghost Mode, such as what the Snapchat Ghost Mode is, what it is used for, etc. As for the series of questions, you can actually find the answer here. This page will introduce the Snapchat Ghose mode in detail, including its meaning, usage, adn more. So, continue reading to find more information.

Snapchat Ghost Mode Explained

We all know that users can use Snap Maps to share their snaps worldwide. However, the problem is that you have to share your real-time location with your friends when you use the Snapchat application.

But sometimes, you might want to hide your real-time location from others to ensure your presence on the Snap Map is visible only to you. Considering users' needs, Snapchat introduced a new privacy feature called Ghost mode, which will prevent other users from knowing where you are when you are using it. Then, no one will know where you are right now, as it keeps your location separate from Snapchat together.

If your friends or others want to see your location, they need to ask a request to you first. Once you accept it, your real location will be sent.

So, the Snapchat Ghost mode is mainly used when you want to go incognito or don't want to share your location via Snapchat!

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How to Turn on Ghost Mode on Snapchat for Everyone

Now that you have known what the Snapchat Ghost Mode is, it's time to learn how to enable it to hide your real-time location when you use this app. In the following, we will show you the tutorial in detail:

Step 1. Open the Snapchat on your device, then choose the profile icon on the main screen.

Step 2. Next, tap the cog icon to adjust the settings. On the Settings page, find and tap See My Location in the Privacy Control section.

Step 3. Then, you will see the Ghose Mode. Just turn on the toggle and set the duration you wish Ghost Mode enabled, like 3 hours, 24 hours, etc. Once done, the Ghost Mode will be enabled. And it will be disabled automatically after this time has passed.

enable ghost mode on snapchat

When you complete all the steps above, no one can see your bitmoji or your location on Snap Map!

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How to Enable Ghost Mode for Selected Friends

If you only want to prevent some selected friends from knowing your location, the tutorial below will be helpful:

#1. Don't share location with a few friends

In this situation, you can choose My Friends, Except... in the location settings, then choose your friends with whom you want to hide your location. Finally, choose the Save option.

#2. Share your location with him/her in real-time

If you only want to share your location with someone special, you can use the Only These Friends... feature and enable it.

Final Words

After reading this post, you must have a better understanding of Snapchat Ghost Mode. Besides, you also know how to enable this feature to hide your real-time location when using the app! 


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