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While using Snapchat, you may notice that there is a green dot next to Bitmoji or on the top of your device. Then, what does it mean? Is the Snapchat green dot helpful? If you want to figure them out, continue reading this page to find the answers!

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What Does The Green Dot Mean on Snapchat

Generally speaking, the green dot always appears in 2 positions. One is in the app (like Quick Add, Users' Bitmoji, etc.). the other is on the top of your device's screen. So, in the following, we will explain them one by one.

what is the green dot on snapchat

#1. Snapchat Green Dot in Friends' Bitmoji

First, let's take a look at the green dot on the Quick Add page. Most of you notice that it always appears next to the Bitmoji of suggested friends.

Actually, it is an activity indicator. If you see the green dot beside your friends' Bitmoji, it indicates that your friends are currently using the app. In other words, your friends are online. So, the Snapchat green dot serves as a visual cue to signify their active presence on Snapchat.

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#2. Snapchat Green Dot on Top of The Screen

There is another situation: the green screen on the top of your screen. Actually, it is a notification coming from your OS itself, and it is not specific to Snapchat. So, if you see the green dot on top of your screen, it means that Snapchat or another application is currently accessing your camera.

To conclude, the green dot is a privacy indicator, letting you know that the app is accessing your camera. And it plays a prominent role in keeping users informed as it maintains transparency about the use of these functions.

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How Long Does the Green Dot Stay on Snapchat

Then, how long can you see the green dot on Snapchat? As for this question, it always depends on your situation:

◾If it is an activity indicator, then the green screen will disappear in 3 - 5 minutes. If the users have recently been active, there will be a number and measure of time, for example, 22m or 5h. After 24 hours, it will go away until they go on it again.

◾If the green dot is a privacy indicator, it will stay only a few seconds. Once the phone detects that the camera is no longer in use, it will disappear.

Turn Off Green Dot on Snapchat

If you want to switch off the activity indicator on Snapchat, you can check out the following steps:

Step 1. Open Snapchat and tap your Bitmoji.

Step 2. Choose the Settings option, scroll down to Privacy Control, and choose the Active Indicator.

Step 3. Here, you need to toggle off the Activity Indicator.

The Bottom Line

This post shows you what the Snapchat green dot is and how to get rid of the Snapchat green dot. If it solves your problem, share this post to help more people.


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