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You may often see the word "TV screen overlay" when you are in some video editing forums. But do you really understand or have a good master of the screen overlay? This article will show you what it is and provide you with some reasons or scenarios for using screen overlay in videos. Let's read this article to find the answer!

What Is TV Screen Overlay

A visual effect known as a TV screen overlay makes an old-fashioned television screen appear on a video. Depending on how it is applied, it might give the video a retro, nostalgic, or glitchy feel. An image with characteristics of a TV screen, such as noise, scanlines, dots, or fractures, is typically used as a TV screen overlay.

what is tv screen overlay

Through the use of software or an internet tool like Canva or EaseUS VideoKit, the image is combined with the video. A TV screen overlay can improve the look, feel, and appeal of a video, adding to its appeal and interest.

Why Do You Need a TV Screen Overlay

So you may think what we need to use a TV screen overlay? There are some reasons for that, as follows.

To provide a nostalgic or vintage effect

It can make our recordings appear to have been shot or broadcast in the past when TV screens were less crystal-clear and smooth than they are now. This can give our videos a nostalgic or old feel, especially if they deal with historical or cultural subjects.

nostalgic screen overlay

For instance, we can employ a screen overlay to improve the realism of a documentary about the last century.

To provide a glitch or distorted effect

An overlay can also make our movies appear corrupted or broken as if the TV signal or the video player is malfunctioning. This can give our videos a glitchy or distorted appearance that can be used to evoke a sense of terror, suspense, or mystery. For instance, we can employ a screen overlay to increase the fright factor and unsettlingness of a horror film.

To provide a creative or artistic effect

It is another tool that may be utilized to improve the look and feel of our videos. We can experiment with blending various settings and effects with our videos to create a variety of bright, abstract, or geometric TV screen overlay graphics. This can give our videos a distinctive and captivating effect.

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How Can I Add a TV Screen Overlay to My Videos

After learning the above information, you may ask how you can add the TV screen overlay to videos. There are some helpful methods for you to refer to.

1. Canva

You can add a variety of effects and transitions to your videos using Canva, a free online video editor. You must submit your movie and TV screen overlay image to Canva before dragging and dropping them onto the canvas to add a TV screen overlay.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro offers a variety of features and settings. Before dragging and dropping your video and TV screen overlay image into different video tracks to build a TV screen overlay, you must import your video and TV screen overlay image into Premiere Pro.

The Bottom Line

After learning about the above information about what a TV screen overlay is, why we need to use it, and how we can add a TV screen overlay to our videos, it is believed that you have a further understanding of this glossary. Now, you can enjoy the fun of adding an interesting or beautiful overlay for your videos! If you find it helpful, please share this article on your social media platforms to help more people know about it!


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