What is Ambient Mode on YouTube?

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YouTube is trying to give its users a better user experience. It has been updating and changing functions and algorithms all the time. Ambient Mode is one of the updates. This short article will tell what is it and how to use or disable it.

What Does Ambient Mode on YouTube Mean?

The Ambient Mode on YouTube amplifies the YouTube interface with respect to the video you are watching. It takes the colors from the video footage and expands it throughout the user interface. What's better is that it automatically adapts to the color of the video played, offering a more immersive experience. However, it only works in the Dark mode. This feature is available on Android, iOS, and desktop devices.

Should Ambient Mode be On?

It's all up to you. The Ambient Mode is designed to give users an immersive experience. It is intended to be gentle and soft. However, you can still turn it off if you find it distracting. You can turn it on or off with easy operations. Now, let's move on to the part showing how to turn on/off the Ambient Mode on YouTube on your various devices.

Turn on Ambient Mode on YouTube

YouTube Ambient mode is supposed to be turned on manually, no matter what devices you are using. Follow the steps below to turn it on.

  • On PC: Turn on the Dark theme by clicking your profile pictureAppearance > selecting Dark theme, and the Ambient Mode is automatically enabled.
  • On Android / iPhone: Tap Settings (on the watch page) > Additional settingsAmbient mode to enable it.

Go to Appearance in YouTube Profile

Turn off Ambient Mode on YouTube

  • On PC: On the watch page, click SettingsAmbient mode > toggle to turn Ambient Mode off.
  • On Android / iPhone: Tap Settings (on the watch page) > Additional settings > toggle to turn Ambient mode off.

Turn off Ambient Mode on Android

The bottom line

After reading this essay, we hope you know enough about what the Ambient Mode on YouTube is and how to turn it on/off. If you find this post helpful, please share it with more people!


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