AnsweredWhat is the Best Way to Record Desktop Screen in 4K?👀

What is the best way to record the desktop screen in 4K? Any help is appreciated.

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Melissa Lee· Answered on Jun 12, 2024

The best way to record a desktop screen in 4K is to use a capable screen recorder that supports recording high-quality videos. Xbox Game Bar and QuickTime Player are the inbuilt screen recording tool that can be used to record your Windows or Mac screen as a video. Many people use it as a basic screen recording too.

However, they both have their drawbacks. Xbox Game bar allows users to record the screen for 30 seconds by default. And if you change the settings, you can record for 2 hours at most. And QuickTime can't record the internal audio along with the screen if you don't install Soundflower first.

EaseUS RecExperts overcomes both the disadvantages of Abox Game Bar and QuickTime, which makes it the best way to record a desktop screen in 4K. It is capable of recording everything that happens on your screen as a video, up to 4K/8K. Download it now!

Moreover, it is capable of recording internal and external audio, recording the microphone, the webcam, and even the webcam. Most people like it because it records without a lag, even if you are recording a desktop game.

Besides, you can choose to record without a black screen or watermark if you want. And if you want to start and end the recording process automatically, you may apply the schedule recording feature.

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