AnsweredDoes Tinder Notify While Screen Record or Screenshot?

I want to screenshot a conversation on Tinder, but I am not sure if it will notify others when I start recording. If yes, it will be awkward. Can anyone help me out?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Jun 12, 2024

Take it easy, my friend! Tinder won't notify others.

Unlike the Snapchat app, Tinder doesn't notify others when you screen record or screenshot the profile pic or conversation. So, just do it!

But taking screenshots of other's profiles or conversations is kind of a grey area. So, you'd better not expose the screenshots without their permission. Moreover, it is also necessary to get advice from your friend to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

Now that you have got your answer, check out how to screen record Tinder on different devices below:

#1. Screen Record and Screenshot Tinder on Desktop

Whether you use a PC or Mac, you can always use EaseUS RecExperts to get the task done. This tool lets you record screen and take screenshots on your computer for free, in a few simple clicks:

  • Download and launch this tool, and click on the camera icon to take a screenshot.
  • If you are going to record a Tinder screen, just choose your desired screen and click REC.

#2. Screenshot Conversation from Tinder on Android

If you want to screenshot Tinder on Android, you can directly press the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time.

#3. Screenshot Tinder on iOS device

For iPhone and iPad users, there are two solutions:

  • If there is no physical Home button, press Volume Up adn the right side button simultaneously
  • If there is a Home button, press Home and the right side button at the same time

Hope this answers your question.

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