AnsweredHow Do You Record Your Screen on a Mac Computer Using the Quicktime Player App?

Hi, guys. I wonder how you record your screen with QuickTime on your Mac computer? I didn't find where I could start.

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Rel· Answered on May 10, 2024

QuickTime always serves as a great screen recorder for Mac users. If you are new to using a Mac, you might have no idea how to use it to record your Mac screen. Here, we will provide a step-by-step guide to help you. 

🎁Follow the steps below to see how to record screens with QuickTime on Mac:

Step 1. Launch QuickTime on your Mac computer. Click on "File" > "New Screen Recording". This mode also supports recording the screen and audio together. 

Step 2. Click the "downward arrow" next to the rec icon to select the microphone and decide the audio input source. If you don't want to record the sound, just click "None". 

Step 3. Press the "Record" button to start your recording. Tap the "Stop" button to finish it. Click "File" from the top bar, and go to "File" to decide where you'd like to store the recorded videos.

Now, you know how to use QuickTime to record Mac screens. For your benefit, I have another Mac screen recorder recommendation for you, EaseUS RecExperts for Mac. This software is specifically designed for screen recording, so it supports multiple recording modes, including recording a specific gameplay. You can choose to record screens, microphone, webcam, and the system sound. Press the download button below and try it yourself:

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🎁Here are the specific steps of how to record Mac screens with EaseUS RecExperts for Mac:

Step 1. Install an open EaseUS RecExperts for Mac. You can choose the recording region on the main interface first. 

Step 2. You can switch on the "System sound", "Microphone", and "Webcam" options according to your own needs. The downward arrow allows you to choose the audio resource and camera resource. 

Step 3. Once done, you can begin your recording with the red "Rec" button and finish it with the "Stop" button. 

I hope this post has solved your problem!

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