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I'm beginning to move on beyond being able to play PC Games for my YouTube channel, but I have no idea how to record them. What programs are good to use? Also, how much toll will the program take on the computer running?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on May 10, 2024

For gaming YouTubers, finding a lightweight yet powerful game recorder is very important to create video content for their channels.

As a senior user, I have used a wide range of gaming recording software, but only some of them I still use for recording gameplay and videos until now, and the best one is EaseUS Screen Recorder. This software runs perfectly on Windows 7/8/8.8/10/11 computers and macOS, and even performs smoothly on low-end PCs.

It allows you to capture almost all popular 2D/3D gameplay with a few simple clicks without losing any FPS, as it supports a customizable frame rate from 1 to 144 according to your needs. Besides, you are able to capture the gameplay footage with your microphone sound and even the webcam to enrich your recordings.

What's more, there are some editing tools you can use once your recording is done. For instance, you are allowed to trim your recorded videos or add a watermark to them before uploading them to YouTube. It's worth mentioning that there is no time limitation for your any gameplay recording!

Here's a simple tutorial you can check to record gameplay for YouTube:

Step 1. Download and launch the EaseUS game recorder, and select the Game option on the left.

Step 2. Click Select Game to choose the gameplay that you want to capture. Then, enable the audio and webcam option if needed.

Step 3. When you are ready, click the REC button to start your recording.

To conclude, EaseUS Screen Recorder can satisfy all your recording needs!

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