AnsweredHow to Set Time Limit for Screen Recording?

I use ShareX for screen recording. I was trying to set a time limit for my screen recording recently, but I didn't know how to do it. Please give me some advice. I will be appreciated for any help.

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Rel· Answered on May 10, 2024

According to your description, you seem to want to set a schedule recording with ShareX on your computer. It's easy to manage it.

🔎Follow the steps below to set a time limit for screen recording with ShareX:

Step 1. Launch ShareX on your computer, and go to the "Hotkey settings." Choose "Screen Recording" workflow. Click on "Edit". 

Step 2. There is a "Task Settings" region. Find it and click on "Capture". Then, choose "Override capture settings."

Step 3. Go to "Capture" > "Screen recorder", and then click on "Fixed duration". Now, you can set the time limit you want in ShareX. 

Now, you have succeeded in setting a time limit on ShareX. To your notice, it only records 60 seconds for each time. After recording, you are supposed to spend much time trimming all videos together to make a complete one. Don't worry. I will give a better way to set a time limit for screen recording here.

You should try EaseUS RecExperts, the best ShareX alternative. It provides schedule recording, another way to set a time limit for your recording. There won't be any time limit when you use the function. Besides, you can use its built-in video editor to trim your videos. It's time-saving and effort-saving. Click the button and experience it yourself:

🔎Step-by-step guide in using EaseUS RecExperts for schedule recording:

Step 1. Open EaseUS RecExperts on your Windows/Mac. Select the "Task Scheduler" in the bottom right corner. Click on "New Task".

Step 2. A window of Task Scheduler pops out. You can change the "Task name" on the top at your own will. Select the specific "start time" and the "end time" you'd like to record screens. 

Step 3. After setting, tap the "OK" button to apply. 

After the steps above, EaseUS recording software will automatically record the screens on your computer. You can view the recording videos in the file location you set. I hope your problem has been solved now. 

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