AnsweredWhat Can I Use to Record the Sims 4 on My Computer, Instead of OBS?

I want to record the Sims 4 on my computer, but OBS is difficult to operate. Could you please recommend an easier screen recorder?

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Rel· Answered on Dec 01, 2023

It seems like you've already tried recording with OBS Studio. OBS Studio might indeed be a little difficult for computer novices. It's common that you don't know how to control it. So, I want to recommend the best OBS Studio alternative to you, EaseUS RecExperts. This screen recorder has a user-friendly interface, so you can easily record gaming content with clicks. It supports both Windows and Mac and has no time lag in gaming content recording. Click the button below and explore this recorder on your own:

🏅Unique features of EaseUS RecExperts you might value: 

  • Record with the specific game window for privacy
  • Built-in video editor to polish your recording 
  • Record with system sound and microphone together
  • More exporting file formats than OBS studio

📖Steps about how to use EaseUS RecExperts to record the Sims 4 gameplay:

Step 1. Download and install EaseUS RecExperts on your computer. You will see a Game button on the main interface. Click on "Select Game". 

Step 2. Now, choose the Sims 4 window on your computer. EaseUS RecExperts will only record the specific window you choose. 

Step 3. You can also decide whether to record with a webcam and microphone or not. After setting, click the "Rec" button to begin recording. If you want to stop it, click on the "Stop" button.

I hope you have found your answers in this post. 

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EaseUS Free Online Screen Recorder

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  • Window Recording
  • Webcam Recording
  • Audio Recording