AnsweredWhat's The Best Frame Rate for Screen Captures?

I am a novice at doing screen recording activities, and I want to create a high-quality game recording for YouTube. Can anyone tell me the best frame rate for screen captures? I will be appreciate for your answers!

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Dec 01, 2023

Hi! Actually, there is no exact answer to your question, as it depends on your situation, the intended use, and the type of content being captured. But I will show you the best FPS for screen recording in some main scenarios below.

  • If you are going to record high-motion video content, like a PC gameplay, film, or broadcast, you'd better choose a higher frame rate (60 FPS or higher). It will result in a smoother and more accurate capture of the action.
  • However, if you just need to capture video content that is less visually dynamic, you can choose a slightly lower FPS for your recording, like 30 FPS.

So, to conclude, 30 FPS is enough for your daily recording. However, if you are capturing video content for professional use, you might need to set the frame rate at 60 FPS or even higher.

If you often need to deal with professional video recording, you must need a powerful screen recorder that allows you to capture screens at high FPS. And EaseUS RecExperts is such an ideal tool.

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This software offers various FPS options from 1 to 144, and you can choose the one that suits your needs. Moreover, it also provides two frame rate modes (variable frame rate and constant frame rate) to meet your different needs. With its aid, you can even capture your screens at up to 4K video resolution. Apart from that, here are some other stunning features it provides:

  • Allow adjusting video quality, bitrate, audio sample rate, and more flexibly
  • Offer many advanced screen and audio recording features
  • There is no time limit for any recording task
  • Leave No watermark on your recordings
  • Some editing tools are available here

I hope you will be satisfied with my answer!

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